Precautions for inspection and maintenance of the

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Precautions for inspection and maintenance of excavator

1. Inspection and maintenance essentials of excavator

1. Use authentic and reliable parts and components: when replacement parts or supplementary grease are missing, please specify correct and reliable parts and components, and the grease used should be selected according to the local temperature

2. Cleaning: clean all parts of the machine. Langsheng high performance materials business department is also investing in its global production network of high-performance plastics, so as to find problems and prevent dust from entering the system

3. When cleaning the machine, avoid splashing water and oil on electrical equipment, such as the monitor and fuse box in the cab

4. Add fuel oil and engine oil, and avoid mixing with foreign matters such as water

5. When replacing new grease and filter, please check whether the oil drain and filter contain metal powder or foreign matters. If a large number of metal powder pins are found, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out immediately

6. The addition of lubricating oil should be moderate, and more or less will cause adverse consequences to the machine

7. After maintenance, set the engine to idle at low speed for a period of time to ensure that all parts are normal; Operate the actual actions of the machine to ensure that the actions are normal; Increase or decrease the engine speed to ensure that there is no oil or water leakage

2 instructions for excavator inspection and maintenance

1. Select a solid, flat and less dangerous environment for inspection and maintenance; Shovel teeth should be on the ground; Stop the engine and remove the key; The safety measures of block type shall be taken for the crawler

2. Warning signs indicating that maintenance is in progress shall be hung on the doors and operating rods

3. When carrying out maintenance operations, please wear protective eyes, safety helmets, gloves, work shoes and other protective tools; And use the operation tools correctly

4. Prevent the risk of fire: the washing machine is also a beautiful design element of the vehicle series. The net parts are indispensable testing equipment for physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on. Fire resistant oil should be used; Attention must be paid to possible ignition sources; Fire fighting tools shall be provided; Smoking is strictly prohibited during inspection and maintenance

5. Try to avoid checking and repairing the machine during operation; If necessary, there must be two people responsible for transmitting signals------- Dr. Sun Jingyao, graduate student of School of electrical engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology

6. When the engine just stopped, most parts of the machine were hot, and the inspection and maintenance should be carried out after the temperature of each part fell

7. Remove the air pressure and oil pressure of the system before inspection and maintenance; When repairing electrical components, remove the battery terminals first

8. It is dangerous to replace and repair joints and hoses when the working device is suspended. Please make sure that the accessories are on the ground before the actual operation

9. When it is necessary to enter the bottom of the vehicle for operation, safety pillars and safety stops should be placed under the tracks to support the machine

10. When there are more than two people working together for maintenance, it is necessary to negotiate the mutual contact signals and follow the command of the commander

11. During indoor maintenance, open the door and window to change the air circulation and prevent poisoning. Inspection and maintenance essentials

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