Precautions for inspection of the hottest gift box

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Notes on the inspection of gift boxes

1. Plate making. Current gifts should be considered in many ways. Boxes pay attention to beautiful appearance, so the colors of the produced version are also varied. Usually, a style of gift box has not only four basic colors, but also several special colors, such as gold and silver

the key to supporting the "line" is automotive chemicals. 2. Paper selection. Generally, the wrapping paper of gift boxes is made of double copper and dumb copper paper, and the gram weight is generally 128G, 105g, 157G. Few gift boxes have wrapping paper of more than 200g, because the wrapping paper is too thick, the framed gift box is easy to blister, and the appearance looks very dull. Paper mounting is to select the appropriate double gray paper according to the needs of customers, commonly known as gray board paper or gray cardboard

3. Printing. The gift box is only printed with wrapping paper, and the paper mounting will not be printed, but only dyed at most. Because the gift box is an outer packaging box, the printing process is very high, and the most taboo is color differences, ink dots, rotten versions, which affect the aesthetic

4. Surface treatment. The wrapping paper of the gift box usually needs surface treatment. The common ones are over gloss glue, over matte glue, over UV, over gloss oil, over matte oil

5. Beer, beer is a relatively important link in the printing process. If you want to beer accurately, you must make the knife mold accurately. If the beer is not accurate, the beer is biased, and the beer is continuous, these will affect the subsequent processing

6. Mounting. Usually, the printed matter is mounted first and then beer, but the gift box is mounted first and then beer. First, it is afraid of making flowers and wrapping paper. Second, the gift box pays attention to the overall beauty. The paper mounting of the gift box must be made by hand, and the movable baffle cannot shake the pin on the reversing switch, so as to achieve a certain beauty

7. Finally, punch the holes that should be punched. If not, wipe the glue on the surface, and then pack and deliver

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