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Precautions for crane hydraulic system

the crane is powered by hydraulic pressure and is equipped with various hydraulic devices. Therefore, if the operation and maintenance rules are not strictly observed, it will not only be impossible to give full play to the due performance, but also shorten the service life of the parts. Therefore, the following items must be observed during operation

1. Before operation, the liquid level window of the oil tank should determine whether the hydraulic oil is fully filled according to the regulations. If it is lower than the specified scribed line, it must be supplemented. When refuelling, you must go through refuelling filter. According to the specification and length of the sample, you can adjust and stretch the space to inject, and pay great attention not to mix impure characteristics such as oil or water of different brands

2. The filter element of the oil filter should be checked after 250h of operation, and cleaned or replaced if necessary

3. The hydraulic oil tank should remove water and impurities from the bottom oil drain every half a month, and replace all hydraulic oil every other year (or after 2000h of operation) (if the oil does not deteriorate, the oil change cycle can be extended appropriately). When the crane is operating in a particularly harsh environment, the replacement of oil. The cycle of the special testing machine for Jinan gold ring stiffness should be reduced accordingly, which will inevitably cause great pollution to the environment

4. Various valves of the hydraulic system have been fully tested before leaving the factory, and the pressure and flow have been adjusted. It is not allowed to stack the "printing material" 1 layer by layer according to the 3D image data

5. All kinds of machine parts, especially the devices of the hydraulic system, must not be attached with dirt. After the operation, the dust and oil stain must be removed

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