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Precautions for hanging grounding wires during maintenance of agricultural lines

in order to standardize safe operation and eliminate potential safety hazards, the following precautions should be paid attention to when overhauling hanging grounding wires in agricultural transmission and distribution lines

1 the lifting plate should be used to mount the pole and hang the ground wire, and it is not suitable to use the foot buckle

the 10 kV line network in nongzhong is the largest, and there are many maintenance opportunities. Because most of the 10 kV lines are 10, 12 m pole types, and the pole types are thin and not high, it is convenient to use the foot buckle to mount the pole, but when using the foot buckle to mount the pole and hang the ground wire, the center of gravity deflects due to the side movement of the body, Beijing subway and Beijing Hong Kong subway on both sides of the buckle will broadcast the congestion of large passenger flow stations on Weibo in real time, which is unstable and prone to falling from high altitude. When hanging the ground wire with the lifting plate, the friction between the upper buckle rope and the pole is large, and the foot can buckle reversely on the treading plate. Even if the body moves sideways when hanging the ground wire, it will not fall from high altitude

2 the grounding wire for pole climbing and hanging must be fastened with a safety belt

the grounding wire for pole climbing and hanging must be fastened with a safety belt. When hanging the grounding wire on the pole, the staff needs to move up and down, left and right. Because it is inconvenient to fasten the safety belt, some staff do not fasten the safety belt and fasten the safety belt during maintenance. It is the movement of the body when hanging the grounding wire that may cause a high-altitude fall

3 the windmill rotating flash alarm electroscope should be used for electricity inspection, not the electronic electroscope

the electronic electroscope has high sensitivity. Now with the progress of agricultural transformation, the transmission and distribution network is getting larger and larger, and the experimental results of crossing, crossing, parallel lines and cable lines are credible. There are many ways and wind power induction. Even if the working place has been powered off, if the electronic electroscope is not adjusted well, it will send an alarm signal, Sometimes the cross, cross and parallel lines are powered off, and the electroscope will still send an alarm signal, so that the workers can not work normally. The warning voltage of the windmill rotating flash alarm electroscope is high, and there are three signals: windmill rotating, flash and sound alarm, which are obvious, so the windmill rotating flash alarm electroscope is more practical

4 all three phases of pole climbing and electricity testing should be tested

Nong 3 Install the sample line for maintenance, mount the pole and check the electricity. The body cannot directly mount the cross arm to check the electricity. At this time, the safe distance between the body and the line is not enough. If the line is not powered off, there will be a risk of electric shock. During on-site electricity inspection, only the two sides of the lower layer can be inspected first, and then the upper middle phase can be inspected. In practice, most of the staff believe that the ground wire can be hung when there is no electricity on both sides after checking that there is no electricity on both sides, and there is little electricity checking on the upper middle phase. However, the upper middle phase is closest to other live cross lines, so it is easier to induce electricity. It has been proved by accident cases that only checking the side phase without checking the intermediate phase can not guarantee safety, and each phase must be checked to ensure that there is no voltage

5 insulating gloves must be worn when hanging the grounding wire

when hanging the grounding wire at the rural line maintenance site, some people feel that wearing insulating gloves to hang the grounding wire is not flexible, and at the same time, they think that the grounding insulating rod is relatively long, so they are generally unwilling to wear insulating gloves. The technical measures to ensure safety are: power failure, power inspection, hanging grounding wire. The premise of hanging the grounding wire is to verify that there is no voltage in the line. If the electroscope is damaged, the line is not verified to have no voltage, and the ground wire is hung on the wire road, without insulating gloves, it will cause personal electric shock hazard

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