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Lidar technology can carry out three-dimensional monitoring of air pollutants

lidar technology refers to the retrieval of atmospheric properties by detecting the radiation signals of the interaction between laser and various molecules, aerosols and other media in the atmosphere, and the rapid and large-scale monitoring of the atmospheric environment. It has the functions of developing the evolution of urban pollution, the distribution of more than 10 regional pollutants with regional and foreign brands, the transmission and traceability of pollutants, etc

through this technology, the environmental protection department can carry out navigation monitoring around the city, monitor the pollution distribution from the ground to the high altitude along the line, and also carry out regional horizontal scanning monitoring

★ it is reported that in order to find out the three-dimensional distribution of air pollutants and the main pollution sources in the main urban area of Dazhou City, Sichuan Dazhou Environmental Protection Bureau has used laser radar technology to conduct three-dimensional monitoring of air pollutants in the main urban area

Dazhou is located in the mountain area around the basin, and the diffusion conditions of air pollution sources are poor in winter. In addition, the existing five automatic ambient air monitoring stations in Dazhou can only reflect the environmental quality status of the monitoring points, and cannot fully reflect the current situation of the atmospheric environment in the main urban area

to this end, Dazhou environmental protection bureau cooperates with relevant enterprises to use laser radar technology to conduct three-dimensional monitoring of air pollutants in the main urban area

through monitoring, the environmental protection department found 36 pollution sources, mainly including industrial enterprises, construction sites, traffic sources (road dust, automobile exhaust), biomass combustion, catering lampblack, etc. In addition, Dazhou environmental protection bureau is not allowed to disassemble the machine. It was also found in the navigation monitoring that there are two air pollutant transmission channels on the East and west sides of the main urban area

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