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Taiyuan Service Center for the people uses the power of science and technology to create smart government affairs

"warm reminder from Taiyuan service hall for the people: Hello, there is another customer in front of your housing business. Please arrange your time reasonably and do not miss it." This is the upgraded Taiyuan Service Center for the people

on July 26, the second phase project of Taiyuan Service Center for the people officially passed the acceptance. The project has brought a new breakthrough to Taiyuan's smart government affairs, and realized that the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator should be implemented to make people run errands more and let people run errands less. A total of 16 people attended the meeting, including zhengrunlin, deputy director of Taiyuan municipal government affairs service management office, liyike, director and industry experts. After listening to the report, the experts inspected the registration hall and data center of Taiyuan Service Center for the people, and fully affirmed the scientific and technological construction and digital services

2014, Taiyuan will take the lead in planning and open up new territory in Changfeng business district. When you walk into the newly-built Taiyuan Service Center for the people, the first thing you see is the "intelligent numbering machine". Citizens can get the numbering list by swiping their ID card and registration number; Then you can view the queuing information in real time on the wall hanging and floor display screens in the hall. More importantly, citizens can also scan the code on the official account of the service center for the people during the 2G period in the 1990s to understand the current queuing progress, and replace the traditional queuing and shouting with intelligent queuing and calling; Finally, at the end of the business, citizens can use the "rotating flat panel display" to score the staff. "The newly-built Service Center for the people has truly solved the needs of the people and realized the immediate, upper and one-time operation." Said the project leader of rockjiahua. It is reported that in november2017, the center was officially relocated. So far, there are 35 departments including the administrative examination and approval office and public enterprises, and more than 200 people have settled in

"now we have a service center, which brings us great convenience in handling affairs. We no longer have to run around the city. We can do things in one place, and the time is shortened. It's really easy." Ms. Li, who came to handle the housing business, said happily

this year, Taiyuan insisted on promoting "Internet + government service", made full use of new generation information technologies such as IOT and cloud computing, integrated and planned existing resources, improved and reconstructed the original foundation, and built a cloud desktop relocation system. The completion of the desktop relocation system will save more power costs for enterprise managers. In addition, it has many advantages, such as high performance, high reliability, high scalability and so on. Through appropriate heat treatment process, it can increase its mechanical properties and improve the work efficiency of employees

in the next step, the service center for the people will build a municipal government affairs cloud platform, integrate and migrate the application system of the Bureau issued by each committee along with various laws and regulations on intellectual property protection, and realize efficient government management through the data sharing platform, so as to truly make high-tech serve the people

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