The most popular Taizhou 12345 call center opened

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The one-year satisfaction rate of Taizhou "12345" call center is 92.8%

according to data statistics, up to now, the 12345 call center has answered about 146000 people, about 500 people a day on average, and the one-time connection rate has reached 99.9%, basically achieving one call

in the past one year since its opening, 12345, the service brand of asking the government for help is gradually being established among the masses. Zhangyongsheng, deputy director of the municipal government office, said that since the first day of the opening of 12345, everyone feels that this number is easy to remember and call. Now people are willing to call 12345 when they encounter things

in June this year, the 12345 call center received a complaint from the public. An engineering team built pipelines at the west gate of Xingye community, but did not repair the pavement. Recently, it rained, causing serious water in the road area, causing serious inconvenience to residents in and out of the community. The staff immediately contacted Hailing District and learned that the trench backfilling industry would face false differentiation when installing water pipes for water supply companies, so they immediately sent personnel to deal with it

after opening the record book, it seems that all kinds of things can be effectively solved here, such as power failure at home, the disappearance of the dog, the difficulty of parking in the community, and the division of educational districts

zhangyongsheng said that in the past, people wanted to find government departments and didn't know which one to call. Either no one answered or someone answered. But they had to turn several corners. After running around, people still didn't know where to call. Now, if people have any problems, just call 12345

the telephone operators are well-trained, and each person receives 100

every day. It is learned that at present, there are 25 telephone operators in the 12345 service, which are divided into three shifts to answer the public 24 hours a day

it is not easy to become a 12345 operator. In addition to going through layers of assessment and strict training, you must also have basic customer service skills, extraordinary psychological quality and practical experience. Jinlili, the leader of the 12345 service call team, told us that each operator has to answer about 100 calls a day, which requires that each operator should be able to take his own role in the process of answering, and some consulting problems can be solved in the. For this, the operators should receive training in more than 450 common knowledge points before taking the post, and the test should be conducted once a month. The laboratory where the test is conducted should not have vibration

notice that there is a small mirror on each operator's desk. That is to remind the operators to always keep smiling. Jinlili said that because it is a complaint, many citizens call 12345 with resentment. Some people have a bad attitude when they just get through, and even some people don't reason with you. However, no matter how long the call is, the operator should take the trouble to keep warm and patient. Citizens will only fight when they encounter problems. Most of them are in a bad mood. If the operator is no longer patient with the reception, it will only intensify the contradiction

even if they are scolded, the operator can't be angry. The only response they can give is service. Even if they cry, they should cry after hanging up. When connecting and reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, they must maintain a good service attitude and efficient business level. Jinlili said that as 12345 government service operators, they always remember that they represent the image of the government

the satisfaction rate was 92.8%, from one dozen to one call.

for every citizen, 12345 paid a return visit to the handling results, carefully analyzed the reasons for the dissatisfaction of the masses, and it was difficult to solve the problem of sending back the re handling, so we should actively study and formulate a plan, implement it step by step, and gradually solve it. Zhangyongsheng said. In the future, the 12345 service should not only continue to be accessible at the first call, but also strive to be flexible at the first call, so that citizens can have any troubles. Fr ⑴ 03C computer-based servo universal tensile testing machine is a new material testing machine combining electronic technology and mechanical transmission

in the one year since its opening, the on-the-spot settlement rate of government service consulting problems is 82%, and the response rate of electronic work order processing is 99.8%. The satisfaction of the masses was 92.8%

it is understood that the city is vigorously promoting the construction of 12345 counties and cities. Among the four county-level cities, Jingjiang 12345 has been put into operation by the end of March this year, and the other three cities have also completed preliminary research, formed an implementation plan, and are organizing the implementation. It is expected that all the four county-level cities 12345 will be put into operation by the end of October

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