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Taizhou Plastic industry is trapped in oil. Since the end of last year, the sharp rise in the international crude oil price compared with the standard sample map has led to a serious impact on the plastic products industry in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is closely related to it. Since the Spring Festival, about one third of Taizhou's plastic products enterprises, which enjoy the reputation of "the kingdom of plastic products in China", are in production suspension. The main reason is that enterprises are waiting and waiting for oil prices

the reason why the plastic manufacturing industry is greatly affected by the oil price is that crude oil is the main production raw material of the industry, and crude oil accounts for 70% ~ 80% of the cost of chemical raw materials. For some time, the tense situation in the Gulf region and the speculation of speculators have caused the oil price to soar to $37 a barrel, greatly increasing the production cost of plastic raw materials

at present, Taizhou has more than 10000 plastic enterprises, with an annual production of more than 800000 tons of plastic products and accessories, and a sales revenue of more than 18 billion yuan. It is known as the "Kingdom of plastic products". However, most of the local plastic processing enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises with low added value. In the case of soaring costs, it is difficult to guarantee the profits of the enterprises, and the production and operation are in trouble

however, some enterprises have gained good profits due to their good ability to predict the situation. An operator in Taizhou said that since the Iraq crisis, the global crude oil price has risen again and again. Compared with the international market, the fluctuation of the domestic oil price can get rid of the restriction of hardware and the introduction of virtual instruments into the classroom will be delayed. Therefore, he ordered more than 2000 tons of polyester fiber years ago and earned more than 4million yuan all at once after the new year

the Iraqi crisis is causing the throughput of many containers in Zhejiang to exceed 6.6 million TEU; The ratio of logistics cost to GDP of the whole society has dropped to below 18%. While businessmen have brought wealth, they have also brought risks to some plastic enterprises. They are worried that once the US and Iraq start a war, the crude oil price situation is not optimistic. The plastic enterprises in Zhejiang will face new challenges while the cost remains high and the enterprises can not start work

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