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Taixing promotes the centralized resource utilization of food waste release date: Source: Modern Express

about 28 tons of food waste are produced every day in Taixing City, Taizhou City, in order to effectively solve the problems of difficult disposal of kitchen waste and environmental pollution. Since last year, Taixing City has cooperated with Taizhou Lande Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to adopt "pick-up" service and closed transportation for kitchen waste collection, and finally concentrate on resource utilization. At present, we have received customer failure consultation, and the number of catering units signed by Taixing has reached 638

it is reported that after signing the agreement with some product manuals, all the collection and transportation expenses will be subsidized by the government. In addition to paying the deposit of the garbage can, the signing unit does not need to pay any fees. The catering unit only needs to dump the food waste into the garbage can at the designated location. The food waste collection truck of Lande environmental protection will collect the food waste within the designated time

after the kitchen waste is transported to Lande environmental protection, the enterprise will extract the oil from it through professional technology and transfer it to the anaerobic tank for fermentation to generate biogas. Part of the biogas is used for heating, to ensure the oil extraction and then completely lock the black knob anaerobic tank for thermal insulation, and the other part is used for power generation to achieve resource utilization

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