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Taiyuan: taxi booking is yet to be made.

a few days ago, China Unicom Taiyuan Branch cooperated with Taiyuan Xinglian motor vehicle satellite positioning center to implement taxi booking and calling service in Taiyuan. What do taxi drivers and passengers think of this? How long will Taiyuan citizens have to wait to enjoy this service

on the one hand, the passengers are waiting but can not get on the bus, and on the other hand, the taxi drivers are sweeping the road to find passengers. Due to asymmetric information, taxi and passenger resources are wasted to some extent. For this reason, many cities have launched taxi reservation service systems. Recently, China Unicom Taiyuan Branch cooperated with Taiyuan Xinglian motor vehicle satellite positioning center to implement this service in Taiyuan. What do taxi drivers and passengers think of this? How long do Taiyuan citizens have to wait to enjoy this service? Is it feasible to open such a service at present? An investigation was conducted on August 22

1 [field observation]

the driver was busy looking for passengers and it was difficult for passengers to take a taxi.

. There were so many people pouring out of the station just now. I was a few minutes late and couldn't get on the bus. Ms. Li said reluctantly that she came from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province to find friends to play with. She made an appointment to meet her friends at 10 o'clock. Now it seems that she will be late. At 9:35, an empty car finally stopped. After waiting for 35 minutes, Ms. Li finally got on the bus

at 18:00 on the same day, we observed the passing taxis at the east corner of Qingnian Street, Bingzhou road. Within half an hour, more than 30 taxis passed by, of which only 3 were not soliciting passengers. There were more than a dozen people waiting for a taxi on the roadside. How come there are people in every car! A middle-aged woman waiting at the intersection could not help complaining

while many passengers complained about the difficulty of taking a taxi, some taxi drivers were worried about not being able to get guests

At 9:15 a.m. on August 22, Master Li, the driver of the intermodal taxi company, was waiting for passengers at Taiyuan airport. Master Li said that after taking the guests to the airport this morning, he decided to pull a passenger back to the city at the airport. However, he had lined up for more than an hour and still had no one. At the same time, master yuan, the taxi brother, also felt that it was very difficult to solicit customers these days. I drove an empty car all over the street at 9 a.m. every day to find customers. But I don't know why. I just couldn't make several trips in one shift

Master Wang of a rental company has the same feeling. He said, maybe the students have a holiday? Anyway, I've been running empty recently. It hurts to see so much oil wasted! After the interview, master Lian from the Anjie transportation industry also came to interrupt: especially during the peak hours, the traffic is blocked there, and the efficiency of soliciting passengers is lower. You can't find any passengers you want. Master Lian said that he is not the only one. Most drivers have encountered empty cars. Because passengers are always mobile, they cannot know when and where passengers need to take the bus. Most drivers can only judge by years of sports car experience

2 [opinions of drivers and passengers]

generally, keeping promises is the key

on the one hand, it is difficult for passengers to take a taxi, on the other hand, the driver runs empty. If passengers call to make an appointment in advance when they want to take a taxi, won't all the problems be solved

talking about the taxi booking service that has been implemented in many cities across the country, taxi driver master Li is full of longing: it is certainly good to make an appointment to call a taxi, so that you don't have to spend oil on wandering around the streets every day. Mr. Liu, who has no experience in sports cars, is even more happy. He said that for a new taxi driver like him, he can know in advance where passengers are and when they need a car by making an appointment to call, and the purpose of driving will be more clear. Mr. Zhao, the taxi driver, summarized the advantages of taxi booking service: it reduces the blindness of both drivers and passengers, provides convenience for passengers, and increases the income of taxi drivers

the passengers showed a supportive attitude towards booking a taxi. Mr. Sun, who often travels on business, said that he often had to pack his bags at four or five o'clock in the morning to rush to the airport. It was difficult to take a taxi at that time. It would be much more convenient for me if I could make an appointment for a taxi. Even if I paid more money, it wouldn't matter

Ms. Li, who loves shopping at ordinary times, also thinks that I love shopping at weekends. I can't get a taxi at peak hours in Liuxiang. If I can make an appointment to call a taxi, the driver will come on time and feel at ease when shopping. Mr. Wang, who came to Taiyuan from Henan Province, expressed his view that booking a taxi is conducive to improving the image of Taiyuan. This time at Taiyuan railway station, I was almost dragged away by a black car driver. Later, I waited more than 20 minutes to take a taxi to my friend's house. In addition, some citizens said that with the taxi booking service, the car can drive to the door of my home, which is especially convenient for the elderly who have difficulty in moving

during the interview, many people showed great interest in the taxi reservation service that has not yet been implemented in provincial cities. Some citizens are concerned about how to charge fees, while others are worried about whether taxi drivers can arrive on time; Taxi drivers are also worried: what if passengers run into other taxis and leave first? It was even suggested that if Taiyuan wanted to implement such services, it might as well learn from the advanced experience of other places. No matter how you charge and what model you implement, drivers and passengers should keep their promises, which is the key to maintaining the normal operation of this service. My brother, Master Wang, spoke the truth of many people

3 [corporate voice]

has made an appointment and is actively promoting it.

is it feasible to make an appointment to call a car in Taiyuan? Interviewed the Taiyuan branch of China Unicom, which is preparing to launch this service. Niuzhongbin, the company's customer manager, said that at present, his company is cooperating with Taiyuan Xinglian motor vehicle satellite positioning and dispatching command center to prepare a new number for each taxi driver. The first few digits of the driver's number are unified segments, and the last four digits are the same as the driver's license plate number. If passengers need to book a car, they can call the passenger transport office at 666166 to inform them of their location and travel time. Manager Niu said that after the passenger completes the reservation, the passenger transport office will learn about the current empty taxi through the GPS positioning system, and use the number containing the driver's license plate number to notify the taxi nearest to the passenger to solicit customers. The passenger should also use this number to contact the driver

with regard to the current progress of this business, manager Niu said that as it involves the issue of issuing a new number for many drivers, and the new number also contains the license plate number, some drivers think that they will disclose their personal information and are unwilling to handle it. At present, only more than 100 people have applied for this number, and the 666166 reservation service has not been officially announced. However, the company is actively promoting this business to drivers

in fact, Unicom was not the first company to promote taxi booking service. The staff of Taiyuan intermodal taxi company said that they had made an appointment before, but the driver was reluctant. With regard to the existing technical conditions, on the one hand, the shift handover is very troublesome, on the other hand, the time may not be able to catch up. The staff member said that at present, all taxis are owned by individual drivers, and it is not easy for the company to make unified arrangements

more than one taxi company is optimistic about this service. The staff of Taiyuan Baoli taxi company said: we are willing to do this, but at present, the technical problem is troubling us. The staff member said that there are more than 8000 taxis in Taiyuan, and the taxi companies do not have the hardware facilities to obtain the exact geographical location of drivers, so there is no way to dispatch nearby. At present, only the passenger transport office can find out the exact location of the taxi driver, but only after the taxi company provides the license plate number, the passenger transport office will tell him the exact location and driving track of the drivers who have partial friction resistance of the dynamometer. The relevant person in charge of Taiyuan Anjie Transportation Co., Ltd. also believes that it is a good thing to make an appointment for a taxi, but the current taxi companies do not have the corresponding hardware facilities, and they are unable to carry out this activity

4 [management department]

the time is not ripe. It will take time to implement it.

since some companies have started to promote this business, can Taiyuan taxi booking and calling be smoothly realized

a staff member of Taiyuan Passenger Transport Office said that at present, the conditions for booking cars are not available, and there are many problems, "said mechanical engineer thianengsan. First of all, the hardware facilities are not available, because there is a huge investment in the installation of positioning systems for taxis in the city; At the same time, it is difficult to ensure that the operating company can make profits after installing the system. Secondly, the taxis in Taiyuan implement the individual business model, not the corporate management. It is difficult for them to restrict the drivers. Booking a taxi call requires a trust relationship between the driver and the passengers. Even if the driver is willing to accept this service, he still faces the risk of being stood up by the passengers, so the driver will lose more than he gains. In addition, the price department should be consulted about the appropriate service charge for the car reservation service. They should not decide without authorization

the staff member said that according to the current environment, it is not mature to make an appointment for a taxi, but it is a process that requires the driver and passengers to gradually understand and establish a trust relationship, as well as the constraints of relevant laws and regulations. For example, what should be done if the driver breaks his promise? How to deal with passengers' non-compliance

however, the staff member also said that although there are many obstacles to the implementation of booking a taxi, there are also many benefits. On the one hand, it can reduce the vacancy rate and on the other hand, it can facilitate passengers

the staff member said that at present, the most important thing is to take the lead of relevant institutions to gradually form an understanding between drivers and passengers, and consciously establish a trust mechanism, so that taxi reservation service can gradually mature

■ the stone of another mountain

[Beijing] there are two taxi Hailing centers in Beijing, namely 961001 call center (Beijing Taxi Dispatching Center) and 96103 call center (Beijing Yinjian group taxi dispatching center). After a successful call, a service charge of 3 yuan will be charged each time, which will be collected by the taxi driver. If the call is unsuccessful, no charge will be charged

[Urumqi] the local reservation service is mainly aimed at the demand field, railway station and point-to-point service of thermometer manufacturers who want to donate to key epidemic areas in Shanghai. The reservation is made 3 hours in advance, and the service charge for each trip is 10 yuan. The reservation more than 6 hours in advance is 5 yuan. At the same time, passengers are required to make an appointment by moving and keep it unblocked from the appointment to the time of taking the bus. To make an appointment, it is necessary to select a boarding place with obvious signs or buildings that allow parking, so that the driver can pick up the bus

if you cancel the appointment service, you must notify the enterprise 1 hour before the appointment time. Passengers who fail to cancel the reservation service in advance or take the bus at the agreed time and place, and fail to reach the destination more than 15 minutes after the reservation time, will be included in the dishonest list and will not enjoy the reservation service in the future

[Ningbo] the taxi reservation process is divided into four steps: passengers call the 81890 call center 6 hours in advance to apply for an appointment. When special people are not subject to an appointment

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