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Taizhou city held a centralized commencement ceremony for major projects 104 projects with a total investment of 69.24 billion yuan

Taizhou city held a centralized commencement ceremony for major projects 104 projects with a total investment of 69.24 billion yuan

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on the morning of March 19, Taizhou city held a centralized commencement ceremony for major projects. 104 projects started with a total investment of 69.24 billion yuan of 3175mm steel balls, involving modern service industry, urban infrastructure, industry, energy Social development and other fields. Wangchangrong, Zhang Bing, xueshaoxian, yuanmaorong and other leaders of four municipal teams and LiShufu, chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, attended the launching ceremony of Geely engine project pile foundation project in Taizhou Economic Development Zone, where they made a breakthrough in graphene materials

wangchangrong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, announced the commencement of the pile foundation works of the city's major project and Taizhou Geely engine project. Leaders and project leaders attending the commencement ceremony laid the foundation for the new project

Taizhou Geely engine project is a key investment attraction project of the city. It is fully funded by Geely Holding Group with a total investment of 5.12 billion yuan. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2020. After being put into operation, it will have an annual production scale of 400000 auto engines, mainly producing 1.5td engines, and reserve an industry-leading power system for Geely's future products. Based on intelligent manufacturing and taking the "made in China 2025" program as the benchmark, the project will build a modern, digital and intelligent advanced factory. The completion of the project will further promote the upgrading of Taizhou's automobile and parts industry, improve Taizhou's position in the national automobile industry, and accelerate Taizhou's industrial economy towards the goal of "high, precision and excellence"

Zhang Bing, deputy secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and mayor of Taizhou, said at the ceremony that 2017 is an important year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan and the beginning of Taizhou's new long march of catch-up and development. The whole city has gathered three major historical tasks, with projects as the guide, focusing on projects and projects, and striving to catch up with and surpass development. Today, 104 major projects are under construction, which shows our firm belief in grasping the new orientation, practicing the new mission and implementing the new requirements. The commencement of these projects will certainly provide new impetus for the city to achieve catch-up development and build a charming "mountain, sea and water city, holy land of harmony and manufacturing city". Zhang Bing stressed that the automobile industry is the first of the eight leading industries to be developed during the 13th five year plan and an important support for building a "manufacturing city". Geely engine project is a major project to optimize the variety structure of the automobile industry. We should promote "Geely Automobile starts from Taizhou again" with the best environment and services. Zhang Bing requested that the whole city should take this centralized commencement activity as an opportunity to work passionately, focus on projects and concentrate on entrepreneurship. All projects shall be carefully organized and scientifically arranged to ensure high standard construction, high efficiency promotion, early completion, early production and early results. All functional departments shall go all out to support and serve the project construction, and cooperate closely to create good conditions for the project construction

LiShufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, said that Taizhou is the place where Geely's dream can be opened. With the concern of Taizhou Municipal Party committee and government, Geely has moved from Taizhou to the whole country and the world. It is the fertile land of Taizhou that has created Geely. In recent years, Geely has actively responded to the call of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the Zhejiang provincial government to support Zhejiang entrepreneurs' Entrepreneurship and innovation and promote the development of Zhejiang, continuously increasing the scale of investment in Taizhou and further optimizing the industrial layout in Taizhou. The implementation of Taizhou Geely engine project will also inject a strong impetus into Taizhou manufacturing. It is believed that the project will certainly achieve a double harvest of economic and social benefits, and make due contributions to the uneven stress in the tensile test process of Taizhou Industrial Transformation and upgrading, and promote the overall development of Taizhou automobile industry

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