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Taiyuan Red Lantern: the first "artificial intelligence" sports ground in China on October 17, shibide China officially joined hands with Shanxi Radio and television to set up a branch in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. In the future, China's sports market will be deeply cultivated. However, as early as before the press conference, the smart data management platform of shibide sports video had been settled in Taiyuan red lantern stadium, and provided services for the 2018 national track and field championship and the main event of the legendary return world football all star carnival. However, what is more important is the arrival of shibide, which makes Taiyuan red lantern stadium the first "artificial intelligence" stadium in China

what is an "artificial intelligence" playground

artificial intelligence, which means intelligence and ability. Artificial intelligence means the intelligent entity made by people through intelligence and ability, so that people can use data, tools and intelligent machines more conveniently; Let's take the sports field video capture camera as an example:

the traditional stadium camera can only shoot through a fixed angle of view, which is clearly stated in the ASTM d1894 specification. The intelligent camera can not only shoot from a dynamic angle of view through automatic zoom and steering, but also track important events and players through intelligent logic, You can even collaborate with other cameras to collect video content for re splicing, and reconstruct a 360 degree reality enhanced scene. More importantly, AI devices will also combine big data to compare and analyze the collected content, so that the video image content presented by the terminal will be richer and more diverse

a standard "artificial intelligence" stadium should at least include intelligent AI video capture, big data analysis and processing, Cloud Computing & storage and other system functions

the significance of "artificial intelligence level" playground

"data" is an important result orientation of artificial intelligence system. The continuous progress of data capture, storage and analysis technology is positively affecting all aspects of the sports industry. Today, the sports field is no longer just a "testing ground" for innovative applications of big data, and the wonderful use of data mining has gradually emerged. In the sports competitions attracting worldwide attention, the trend of fighting bravely and wisely has become more and more intense. Big data analysis has repeatedly influenced the direction of the competition and become a secret weapon for winning the competition. Media communication, event promotion and athlete brokerage have also been inseparable from the professional services of big data

the physical and psychological conditions of athletes before the competition, the weather conditions during the competition, the surrounding environment of the competition and the performance of athletes on the field will affect the competition. In addition to the continuous quick response of athletes on the field, the timely adjustment of competition strategies and tactics is also the key to winning the game. The data from the test are not the same. Therefore, the comprehensiveness and timeliness of data collection is particularly important. Whoever has more precise and accurate motion data will win the first chance

Control electromechanical startup

so "artificial intelligence operation friction coefficient( μ) The emergence of the efficient of friction playground will promote the development of more sports, and provide a more scientific basis for the precise training of athletes, the fair ruling of referees, and people's scientific training

shibide's "artificial intelligence" level

how does shibide's artificial intelligence match tracking system work? The system relies on the combination of computer vision and the in-depth learning platform independently developed by shibide (that is, simulating neural networks, which is essentially a mathematical model based on how biological neural networks work, such as the human brain)

neural collaterals have received a lot of attention in recent years because they have the ability to solve complex and previously difficult problems. In this particular case, the complexity lies in determining the mode in which a person usually watches the situation on the field as a coach (different from the ordinary audience) during an exercise or game. This means that you need to analyze the overall game pattern and team structure (for example, just aiming at the position of the ball is not enough)

in short, the system integrates team/individual player tracking (movement, position, etc.) and self-learning neural networks trained by experts in various sports fields. At the same time, it relies on a large amount of data of various sports (it also uses input source technologies such as various eye tracking technologies)

in fact, shibide artificial intelligence game tracking system provides a very simple and fast way for coaches, analysts and other users to watch the game

now China's sports has ushered in a very good period. It has not only received more attention and attention from the government and society, but also has opportunities to show the world, such as the 2020 World Basketball Championship, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and so on. Shibide hopes to promote the process of intelligent construction of Chinese stadiums by building "artificial intelligence level" stadiums such as Taiyuan red lantern, and also contribute to Chinese sports

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