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The refined management of 20000 cubic meters of water treatment in Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd. is remarkable.

the 20000 cubic meters of water treatment in the North plant of Taiyang Paper Co., Ltd. has continuously strengthened the team management, implemented a number of efficiency enhancing and potential tapping measures, and deepened the internal management and assessment mechanism. Through nearly two months of exploration and test, the total monthly cost has been reduced from the original average 463000 yuan to 316000 yuan, an average monthly decrease of 141000 yuan, and the annual cumulative savings can be 1.764 million yuan

in order to reduce the dosage of sludge filter press, the previous fuzzy dosing method is changed, and a design gauge is added to the flocculant storage tank The operator is required to adjust the dosage according to the sludge flocculation effect, and mix the dosage according to the process standards and test results to effectively reduce the dosage of sludge filter press, saving 6.6 tons of flocculant per day on average. Constantly stabilize the dosage and concentration of each link. 1. This machine has high precision and high sensitivity: the stripping force can be tested to be less than 1 gram force (1gf). The connection and cooperation between the upper and lower processes are strengthened, so as to ensure the stability of various operation indicators. He has begun to expect that domestic special metal materials will replace imported products

according to the startup period of the pulping workshop, under the condition that the normal operation of the system is not affected and the sludge output remains unchanged, the filter press is changed from the original three shift operation to two shift operation, which not only meets the production needs, but also saves power consumption. 561.6 kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved every day, about 280 yuan/day. It can be said that it is a winner in the automotive field, with an annual saving of about 100000 yuan. The monthly consumption cost per ton of sludge is reduced from 32 yuan to 14 yuan. According to the average output of 200 tons of sludge per day, 1.3 million yuan can be saved in the whole year

strengthen the management of maintenance personnel, strengthen the patrol inspection, strictly control the requisition and use of spare parts, repair the old profits, and effectively reduce the maintenance cost. The original level of maintenance cost was about 50000 yuan per month, down to an average of 15000 yuan per month

through pre shift and post shift meetings, the workshop has repeatedly stressed the current severe environmental protection situation, which makes every employee feel pressure, and has made clear the burden and responsibility they shoulder, so as to do their best and fulfill their responsibilities. At the same time, formulate on-site health evaluation system and assessment methods, divide their own health areas, timely and thoroughly clean up, and maintain the production site with high standards

in the future work, 20000 cubic meters of water treatment will implement various measures through fine management, continue to save energy and tap potential on the premise that the system is normal and the drainage does not affect the operation of 60000 cubic meters of water treatment, and make due contributions to the environmental protection work of sun paper

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