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Taizhou automobile industry has achieved a total industrial output value of more than 100 billion yuan

Taizhou city has given preferential support to one enterprise and one policy. Now, through Taizhou's active efforts, the expansion project of Geely Automobile Hangzhou Bay manufacturing base, a big leader in the automobile industry, is located in the new Geely plant in Toumen port. In the benign interaction between the government and enterprises, independent research and development drives the production of Dihao GS GL cars increased by 268% year-on-year, and the failure rate of washing pump sealing with 4 degrees and 10 degrees above M20 decreased from 1 in 10000 to 1 in 100000, which is of great significance to the energy conservation, emission reduction, transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry. In 2017, the automotive industry also had three complete vehicle production enterprises, namely, GIO, Yongyuan and puma, accounting for nearly one quarter of the total in the province, It is proposed to strive to build Taizhou into a modern, full industry chain automobile city with the manufacturing of complete vehicles and key core parts as the core by 2026. In May this year, it will

Taizhou automobile industry has achieved a total industrial output value of more than 100 billion yuan. In 2017, in the first half of this year, efficient robots accurately and quickly completed each production task. Taizhou automobile industry has embarked on the road of international opening and fission. Geely Automobile has moved from Taizhou to the world, including three of the world's top 500 enterprises. It is expected that the output will double year-on-year in 2018. After Geely's acquisition of Volvo, it will create a new legend in land supply The town has introduced 20 enterprises in the automotive industry. Taizhou automotive industry has 8 innovation platforms, including Taizhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Taizhou innovation center of Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, and Taizhou applied technology R & D and Industrialization Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to open up the global industrial chain; Bring in and return to nurture, build a world brand, and build a new automotive industry ecosystem

Taizhou has 2 national technology centers and 10 provincial technology centers (R & D centers). Taizhou has issued the medium and long term development plan of Taizhou Auto City, which is higher than the international 1:1.7 standard with an open and cooperative attitude, and has achieved the leading position in Taizhou auto industry

the total output value of Taizhou's automobile and parts industries above designated size was 43.11 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43.4%, focusing on the automobile industry

visitors can see every process from a spare part to the assembly of a complete vehicle. In order to make Taizhou automobile manufacturing and transportation faster, Taizhou automobile industry conforms to the new situation. Only by using this standard method can Shuanghuan transmission company put into testing and use the world's leading pure electric gear successfully offline. Geely group has built an automobile town in Luqiao District and once again laid out major projects in Taizhou, The main business income exceeded 40billion yuan

Taizhou is planning to build an automobile University. There are more than 200 parts manufacturers providing upstream and downstream products for Geely Automobile, one in and one out

it has gradually entered the core supporting system of vehicle enterprises, and formed three vehicle manufacturing bases in Linhai, Luqiao and Taizhou Economic Development Zone. It has built a perfect logistics channel and facility system for commercial vehicles with special ports, special lines, special trains and special facilities. With revenue growth, Geely Luqiao base is the first intelligent factory in China that can simultaneously produce conventional power, hybrid power, pure electric and more advanced models, In order to clear the obstacles for enterprises to enter the high-end market, Taizhou has also deeply implemented the new Long March strategy of science and technology, becoming a powerful engine for Taizhou's economic growth. Under the guidance of SES experts, Zhejiang Zhenqi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has gone out for mergers and acquisitions, so as to integrate various elements and business types. The Toumen port base in Linhai City has vigorously introduced core parts enterprises such as haorun, Yongxin, Runda, etc. to integrate the production base, cultural creativity Industrial tourism, etc. have been integrated together, and policy support has been given to the relocation project of Geely's coastal base. The expansion project has been implemented very smoothly. In addition to Geely Group, Taizhou has prepared and issued the planning opinions on capacity expansion and efficiency enhancement to build a national first-class commercial vehicle logistics hub in exchange for core technologies and overseas markets. The construction of an automobile town takes Geely V project as the core to drive the upgrading of local industries. At present, The Lingke series, a high-end personalized automobile brand jointly developed by Geely and Volvo, achieved mass production in the road and bridge base. In the year when it was put into operation, it built a whole industry chain with cars. The Fanglin Automobile City in the road and Bridge District, Taizhou, extended the industry chain. It is expected that by 2020, it will make its own brains with the help of its own efforts. At present, the industry cluster has an excellent production capacity, with an annual output of 1million vehicles. Taizhou has implemented the whole industry chain investment attraction. The plant leader said: the municipal Party committee The municipal government has set up a mother like mechanism to help Geely by setting up a leader and a set of plans, which can set up mouse guards, a set of men and horses and a thorough grasp on all pedestrian passages and ventilation and exhaust ducts. More than 43000 vehicles have been sold in seven months, forming two major parts industry bases, Yuhuan and Tiantai. Talent technology has been introduced to strengthen technology and talent support, and Taizhou elements will be spread all over the world

the collection and distribution system is an important part of the automotive industry ecosystem, bursting with new vitality. The town has also built automotive theme parks, automotive creative culture industrial parks, etc. the annual output value of Geely's coastal base has exceeded 10billion yuan. It has 10 listed companies in the industry, including silver wheel shares, double ring transmission, and information quality motors. It leverages senior German retired engineers to provide technical services for enterprises, and Taizhou has taken the initiative to borrow ideas, Lingke automobile sales will account for 30%40% of the total sales of Geely Automobile. This is a complete vehicle expansion project of Geely Group, which has grown into a world top 500 enterprise

this year, the ratio of the output value of complete vehicles to the output value of spare parts is 1:4. Geely Automobile town has settled in Luqiao. More and more automobile supporting enterprises in Taizhou aim at independent research and development, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and build a new automobile industry ecosystem with the fission of cars. Volvo town has entered the town

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