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According to statistics, 60% of China's plastic commodities are produced in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Although the sales of plastic products made in Taizhou are large, but the added value is small and the profit is meager. Improving the added value of products has become an inevitable trend for the development of the plastic industry

according to the data of Taizhou Plastic Industry Association, there are more than 11000 enterprises engaged in the plastic industry in Taizhou, with an annual sales volume of 46.5 billion yuan, accounting for one tenth of the total national sales revenue. The products include plastic daily necessities, plastic automobile and motorcycle accessories, building profiles, pipe fittings and pipes, 5 Cold and hot shock experimental machine non fuse switch (circuit breaker), temperature super Bayer Material Technology Exhibition, ecological balance, hard bubble temperature protector, agricultural products, etc. Among them, the market share of plastic daily necessities is the highest, and about 60% of the plastic daily necessities in China are produced in Taizhou

in addition to the domestic market, Taizhou Plastic products are also distributed all over the world. In 2012 and 2013, the export volume of Taizhou Plastic products accounted for 13% of the national total export volume of plastic products. However, among the 890 plastic export enterprises in Taizhou, 55.7% were at the level of USD 50000, indicating that half of the plastic export enterprises were small enterprises

what Taizhou Plastic industry needs most is "gold plating", introducing new technologies and developing new products; The future direction of the enterprise is brand and innovation. Recently, the Huangyan District molding industrial design base established by Taizhou Plastic Industry Association in cooperation with the Institute of modern industrial design of Zhejiang University will provide industrial design services for enterprises, which is expected to complement the shortcomings of Taizhou Plastic enterprises in industrial design and product innovation, and provide a service platform for the transformation and upgrading of the plastic industry

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