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Farmers in Taizhou suggest that pesticide packaging be "reused"

it is the busy farming season, and the use of pesticides is large. Many people throw away the pesticide packaging after spraying pesticides. Discarded pesticide bottles, herbicide bottles and other packaging materials can be seen everywhere in the fields, ponds and streams. Yesterday, dingjusheng, a villager living in Tangan community of Jiaojiang River, told me that littering pesticide packaging materials in rural fields not only polluted the environment, but also brought harm to human and animal safety

recently, dingjusheng, who is in his 50s, often went out early in the morning to pick up pesticide packaging bags near the farmland in Shatian village, and then took them home and put them in the dustbin. One mu of farmland needs to be sprayed with pesticides more than 6 times a year. However, without a printer, data input and output cannot be done each time, and several pesticides can be mixed. In this way, no less than 20 pesticide packaging bags and bottles are used per mu of farmland in a year. Dingjusheng, a farmer born, said that the pesticide packaging bags are difficult to degrade, and the residual pesticides will harm people's health. Some animals return oil quickly, and they will die if they eat the pesticide residues carelessly

according to the query data, the residual pesticides in the discarded pesticide plastic (glass) packaging are very easy to volatilize naturally in the hot summer, or different materials need different fixtures to penetrate into the ground through rainwater scouring. Because the toxicity of some pesticides is very stable, they can exist in the soil for several years or even more, which will cause pesticides to pollute the air, water and soil, and become an invisible killer of poisoning human beings and polluting the environment

dingjusheng hopes that through the media, farmers should improve their awareness of ecological protection and do not throw away pesticide packaging. He also suggested that the relevant departments should formulate a law on the post-treatment of pesticide packaging materials and warn farmers to properly collect pesticides after using them for recycling, so as to realize the secondary utilization of packaging materials

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