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On June 29, the law enforcement brigade of Taizhou Luqiao District Safety Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with three nests storing a large amount of hazardous chemicals and illegally producing paints in houfan village, Lubei street, Taizhou, Zhejiang, which made the core preheating and cable core drying efficiency high-yield cost and equipment investment significantly decreased. A total of more than 20 tons of illegally stored hazardous chemicals were seized and these "time bombs" were eliminated in time

located in houfan village, Lubei street, not far from the residential houses, there are a number of storage warehouses, which are difficult to attract attention at ordinary times. Some companies use this as a cover to store large quantities of dangerous chemicals and illegally produce paints

in the morning of the same day, the safety supervision and law enforcement personnel suddenly smelled a pungent smell while carrying out daily patrol and investigation. Based on their occupational sensitivity, the staff concluded that there must be illegally stored hazardous chemicals in the concentrated plant warehouse. Immediately, the law enforcement officers carefully investigated the area

"why do you store so much paint here? Where did you come from?" The law enforcement officers questioned the owner of a warehouse in detail. In this huge warehouse, all kinds of packaged paints are piled up. The ground of the warehouse is stained and the air emits a strong smell

It was also one day after the CPC commemorated the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong's birth. According to the investigation of law enforcement officers, the party concerned could not provide a production and operation license for hazardous chemicals, which belonged to illegal storage of hazardous chemicals, and the warehouse had not been accepted by the fire department, so it did not meet the storage conditions for hazardous chemicals. After preliminary counting, there are 960 boxes of various paints in the warehouse, totaling 7.12 tons

less than 100 meters away from the warehouse, law enforcement officers found another two warehouses illegally producing and storing paint and all-purpose adhesive. At present, the law enforcement personnel have conducted safety education on the owners of the three warehouses, which have a great impact on the test results, and sealed up the dangerous chemicals on the spot

"these paints and all-purpose adhesives are flammable and explosive dangerous chemicals. In hot summer, such storage is tantamount to burying a" time bomb ". It is close to residential houses. If an accident happens, the consequences will be unimaginable. " Jiangyunhua, leader of the law enforcement brigade of Luqiao District Safety Supervision Bureau, told the author

according to statistics, 20.02 tons of hazardous chemicals were illegally stored in the three warehouses investigated and dealt with that day. At present, the Safety Supervision Bureau has started the case filing procedure in accordance with the law, and ordered the parties concerned to immediately transfer all hazardous chemicals to the formal special warehouse for hazardous chemicals

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