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Taizhou has established the first boundary scintillation instrument in the province to monitor typhoons in real time. Taizhou is a typhoon prone area. Every time a typhoon strikes, the meteorological and other relevant departments in our city will timely monitor the storm level and landing area, and issue typhoon warning information to avoid greater casualties, which need the help of meteorological monitoring instruments

according to the Taizhou Meteorological Bureau, since 2016, the plastic materials cooperated by Taizhou and Shanghai Typhoon Research Institute have been thoroughly grasped by many old brands, and a comprehensive offshore typhoon detection station has been established in Dachen island to help resist typhoons. He said that recently, the first boundary scintillation instrument in the province was built

wangheping, chief staff member of the observation and prediction division of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, told: "since last year, our Meteorological Bureau has cooperated with the Shanghai Typhoon Research Institute to gradually establish a typhoon detection base. The specific mode of cooperation is joint investment. We provide sites and personnel, while the Shanghai Typhoon Research Institute provides instruments and equipment." At present, the newly installed boundary scintillation instrument is used to measure turbulence and heat flow (sea water energy), analyze the surface energy balance, and together with the new generation weather radar, coastal ground wave radar, L-band radar, automatic ball releasing system, as well as the millimeter wave radar, rain radar, microwave radiometer, eddy energy meter, etc. previously deployed on Dachen Island, form a comprehensive offshore typhoon detection station. At present, the staff of the international benchmark climate station on Dachen island are responsible for maintenance, switching and monitoring

wangheping said: "this detection station not only systematically improves the city's ability to monitor the generation, development and movement of offshore typhoons, but also provides basic data support for path prediction, energy intensity analysis and disaster prediction before typhoon landing. It is of great practical significance to resist typhoons and reduce losses."

coastal areas are prone to meteorological disasters, so there are few such experimental machines below 10kN, especially typhoon and other disasters. If certain measures are not taken to prevent them, it is easy to cause huge losses of life and property. Although it is still difficult to predict natural disasters in advance, we can master certain laws to set up an emergency early warning system. The newly installed boundary scintillation instrument can strengthen the comprehensive monitoring capability of offshore typhoons, provide data support and typhoon forecast analysis

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