At the end of the year, citizens gathered to decor

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At the end of the year, citizens gathered to decorate, causing a rush to work

there is only one month left before the Spring Festival in the year of the monkey, and some home building materials shopping malls in Yueyang also ushered in the sprint stage before the lunar new year. During the visit, the reporter found that recently, many businesses are not busy signing bills, but installation work. It is understood that because many owners want to finish the decoration before the Spring Festival, the decoration workers have been busy recently, but at the same time of hard work, the rich income has also made them gain a lot of joy

the rush to catch up with the tide of work broke the decoration workers

"this family has just begun to lay the floor, and there are several waiting behind. During this period, I have been busy for more than 10 hours almost every day." Yesterday, the reporter saw master Chen who was busy cutting floor tiles in a new house in a community near Nanhu. He told the reporter that he had learned clay crafts from his relatives since he was 15 years old. It has been 27 years since this year. Due to his long working time and good brick laying skills, in addition to the decoration orders he received, many old customers will help him introduce some new businesses. "I'm busy at the end of each year, and I haven't had a rest in the last month's holidays." Master Chen said tiredly

the reporter learned in the interview that in addition to master Chen, the decoration masters of various categories in the home building materials industry have entered the "rush period" recently. Master Liu, who deals in the invisible anti-theft network business in the taiyangqiao building materials market, told reporters that there were five people in their store. He, his wife and cousin were responsible for the installation. Usually, in addition to the sales of the anti-theft network, they also went to the owner's house to install it. The recent increasingly cold weather also added some obstacles to their installation. "The weather is cold, the joints are frozen stiff, and the action is slower. If it rains, the window edge is wet and slippery, so we should pay more attention." Master Liu said that they can't fix the time when they are busy eating. They often take two bites on the balcony of the owner's house and then work after dinner. "It's almost the middle of January. The owners of high-rise buildings who are eager to move into their new houses for the new year will pay close attention to installing invisible anti-theft nets to increase residential safety. It is roughly estimated that there are nearly 20 installation orders in a new community, and they have to work continuously for 7 or 8 hours a day." Master Liu told reporters that the arrangement has been received by the end of the month

tired and happy, earning more than 10000 is not a dream

nowadays, the rumors of high wages for decoration workers have been going on for more than two days. Recently, the reporter interviewed a decoration team leader surnamed Li in Yueyang. He told the reporter that it is not difficult for Yueyang decoration workers to earn more than 10000 yuan a month. Workers with certain skills can generally reach this level. "Compared with the workers who work alone, the workers who work in the decoration company may get less money, but the advantage is that they have nothing to do." Master Li told reporters that many teachers who have been engaged in decoration work for many years will choose to work alone. Because they have accumulated certain contacts and good reputation, they generally don't have to worry about the problem of fewer customers. " Master Li said that at present, the salary of urban plasterers is about 400 yuan per day, painters and carpenters also need more than 300 yuan. As for wooden floors, wooden doors and cabinets, they are charged according to the quantity, which is not much different

the working environment is poor, and I don't want to "inherit my father's work"

"I haven't bought any expensive clothes. When I start working, no matter my work clothes or new clothes are painted grey. To be honest, if I don't have a high salary to support my family, who wants to work so hard?" Master Zhou, the painter, is 48 years old. When the reporter walked into his workplace, he was busy polishing the wall paint. The roar of the machine in the room was heard constantly, and the choking dust was everywhere, making people breathless. "You may not be able to drink water after being busy for most of the day. Besides, there is too much dust in the air. Pouring a glass of water next to it will suddenly be full of dust."

master Zhou told reporters in the interview that he is usually busy at work, but the two children are very hardworking and don't let themselves worry about anything. His eldest daughter works in a bank in Changsha after graduation, and his son is currently a sophomore at Huazhong University of science and technology. Talking about the future of the child, master Zhou said frankly: "my idea is the same as that of many workmates. I don't want him to do this job in the future. After all, working in the dust space for a long time is still bad for his health. I hope he can study hard and find a more decent job."




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