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"Good quality wins good reputation" is the ten-year insistence of Cohen appliance, and it is also a gold lettered signboard for Cohen appliance to become a leading enterprise in China's kitchen electrical industry. For more than 9 years, Cohen Electric has established a professional quality manufacturing enterprise of full range kitchen appliances with strong domestic production scale step by step, with more than 10 manufacturing production lines. In addition, it has opened a new mode of industrial development, explored new space for industrial development, and promoted the development and quality upgrading of the whole industry

with consumption upgrading, industry transformation and upgrading and channel diversification, how to improve marketing efficiency is the key factor for success, and having a well-trained marketing team is the basis for success. From October 30 to 31, 2018, the "eighth torch plan and K6 single store performance doubling system" of Cohen appliances was officially launched. Zhao Hanbin, the marketing director of Cohen appliances, will teach the participating dealers courses such as lifelong experience and professional marketing techniques. President Wang of the business school will teach the participating dealers K1 store building system, K2 shopping guide training system, K3 channel customer expansion system, K4 team building system, K5 promotion and profit system, K6 service multiplication system and other military techniques; A marketing feast full of practical dry goods will be delivered to new and old customers of Cohen

the customer extreme experience marketing system enables new and old customers of Cohen to understand the marketing mode in the new retail era and learn innovative marketing concepts. As we all know, skills are an indispensable puzzle for the success of marketing. The efficient and targeted marketing skills and Strategies of Cohen's "eighth Cohen torch plan and K6 single store performance doubling system" this time enable every new and old customers of Cohen to have a strong marketing ability; However, the market is unpredictable. Marketing skills require marketing elites to constantly learn, innovate and apply what they have learned in order to win every battle

the brand of Cohen electric appliance has been continuously promoted and the market channels have been comprehensively upgraded to meet the consumer upgrading needs of users in an all-round way; The grand holding of Cohen's "eighth torch plan and K6 single store performance system" training conference confirmed Cohen's determination to plan for the future by laying out terminals, improving terminals and improving terminals, which is of great significance to Cohen's future brand development




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