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On December 20, [3000 square meters ┃ home] entered Xi'an, and the landing meeting of all kinds of furniture carpenters was grandly held in Shaanxi Huafu Palace Hotel

on December 20, hosted by the China Woodworking maker alliance and Suzhou Jiahui Wood Industry Construction Co., Ltd., and hosted by the 3000 square northwest operation center, the great country craftsman Road [3000 square ┃ home] entered Xi'an. The "all kinds of furniture carpentry landing meeting" was grandly held in Shaanxi huafugong Hotel. Nearly 600 guests, industry leaders, 3000 square regional operators and carpenters from all over the northwest gathered together, It has jointly opened a smart feast for the whole range of furniture systems in China. Wu genshui, the founder of sanqianfangjia brand, the R & D person of all kinds of furniture system, the president of China Woodworking maker alliance, the vice president and Secretary General of the alliance, Li Yuming, the founder of installation master he Qiang, the president of Shaanxi wooden door association and the chairman of Shaanxi Ziya wood Industry Co., Ltd. Chen Yulin and other leading guests attended the meeting in person to support, and more than 10 provincial operation center leaders of sanqianfang attended the meeting to observe and interact

the meeting was presided over by Xuping, the sales director of 3000 square meters. Li Jianhua, the president of Northwest Branch of China Woodworking maker alliance and general manager of Northwest operation center of 3000 square meters, first delivered a welcome speech for the meeting. After thanking Wu genshui, Yihuo people and guests, President Li simply reported the operation status of Northwest operation center of 3000 square meters to the meeting: since entering Xi'an in October 2015, the number of development dealers in northwest area has exceeded 140, The regional investment attraction coverage rate is close to 80%, and the sales volume is from zero to 100million yuan. It serves nearly 10000 owners and links more than 10000 carpenters. Three thousand square meters have taken root in the northwest, and are growing rapidly and healthily

the theme session of the conference was led by wugenshui, 3000 Fang. Shuige's speech was mainly divided into three parts, which analyzed in detail the evolution trend of the industry pattern, clarified the follow-up development direction of Yihuo people, and also gave specific guidance on the way for carpenters to grow into craftsmen in large countries

how to realize updated, more complete and faster house wide customization? Wu genshui first analyzed the current situation of China's customized furniture industry, and expounded the Countermeasures of 3000 Fang under the new situation with seven innovations, including new customization, new exhibition hall, new retail, new technology, new process, new materials and new channels. Wu genshui especially pointed out that 3000 Fang has certain advantages in these aspects: comprehensive system, fast process and new materials, However, there are still many bottlenecks that restrict the rapid development of 3000 square meters, especially the landing of carpentry. The shortage of excellent and young carpenters is on the one hand, and on the other hand, individual regions do not pay enough attention to the development of carpentry resources, which is the core concept

in order to solve the bottleneck problem of talent training in the whole category furniture system, realize the R & D concept of "let the world have no difficult furniture", and also to promote the overall progress of the industry, under the guidance of the China Woodworking maker alliance, Suzhou Jiahui Wood Industry Construction Co., Ltd. and Suzhou youlianwu Home Design Co., Ltd. jointly compiled the "China's whole category furniture" whole house decoration customization practical manual

in the second part of the speech, Wu genshui led you to interpret the content and use of the manual: case display, color culture, product application, system support and exhibition hall examples. In terms of materials, components, technology, process application, etc., combined with reality, he gave in-depth guidance and guidance to the on-site carpenters

finally, in view of how the carpenter becomes a respected carpenter maker, how to use Internet tools, and how to become a great craftsman, brother Shui used the on-site PPT to make an in-depth analysis for the on-site carpenter. During this period, Wu genshui also specially invited Du Fangji, an excellent carpenter in Xi'an, to interact on the stage, and the concepts such as "being right about his profession and living up to the trust of customers" are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, It also aroused the deep resonance of the on-site masters: at the end of the speech, the venue burst into a long period of warm applause! After the meeting, the group photo requirements also overwhelmed brother Shui, and many people joked that Wu genshui had become a "net celebrity"

in the interactive session after the meeting, two groups of 28 carpenters successfully "grabbed the stage" and sang two songs "we are different" and "true heroes" for the meeting, which once again ignited the enthusiasm of the whole audience. At the same time, they also received 28 new "oppor mobile phones that can take pictures" specially sent by Wu genshui

according to Wu genshui, the focus of work of 3000 square meters in the future will be fully sunk, and various forms of carpentry training and networking activities will be actively carried out at all levels. In 2018, the goal is to cultivate no less than 10000 core carpentry foremen, and open up the last kilometer of the century project "let the world have no difficult furniture". Only in this way can we reflect the advantages of the current 3000 square meters system, and only in this way, In order to realize the original vision of "let consumers spend the same money to buy more and better products"

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