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Economic progress and political reforms give post-Soviet space reason to celebrate - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

This August 30ths population of 26 million., Kazakhstan celebrates one of the country’s most important holidays—Constitution Day, which commemorates the adoption of the 1995 constitution which confirmed the Kazakh people’s determination to become a democratic and secular republic. This year’s celebration will undoubtedly be particularly festive, given that Kazakhstan is also marking thirty years of independence—a milestone that many of its fellow post-Soviet states are sharing. Uzbekistan will mark its 30th Independence Day on September 1st, while Estonia also commemorated three decades as an independent country this monthAll participants i.?

All three countries have a great deal to celebrate, as each has made significant progress in transitioning to market economies and ensuring that democratic values are respectedAlberta and B.C.. Kazakhstan has managed to parlay its strategic location into a role as a bridge between Europe and other great powers like Russia and China, as well as a hub of international mediation. Uzbekistan has embarked on an ambitious wave of privatization that has made it the leading Central Asian destination for foreign investment. Estonia, meanwhile, has demonstrated dexterous policymaking that has allowed the smallest Baltic state to become known as “the world’s most digitally advanced society”can serve up to six people per table..?

Kazakhstan: The diplomatic hub of an increasingly important region

Nur-Sultan is clearly aware of Kazakhstan’s strengths, which include its abundant natural resources and its strategic geographical location, and has made these advantages a central pillar of its developmentArticleThirdBigBox. One of the Central Asian country’s most notable successes has been its crafting of a multifaceted foreign policy centred around neutrality and pragmatic engagement with a variety of actorsThe group. Kazakhstan has consistently maintained good relations with both Russia and China yet has resisted attempts to politicise these tight trade linksHealth Minister Olivier Veran said citizens i. In parallel, Nur-Sultan has steadily carried out political and economic reforms and has taken pains to maintain an equally collaborative partnership with the EU, which is both Kazakhstan’s biggest trade partner and its most significant foreign investor.

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