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Golden Eagle heavy industry: participate in the formulation of standards and seize the development opportunity

Golden Eagle heavy industry: participate in the formulation of standards and seize the development opportunity

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Golden Eagle heavy engineering machinery Co., Ltd. gives full play to its own advantages and vigorously develops the Southeast Asian market. At the end of this month, the first four sets of large-scale road maintenance machinery products with a value of more than 30 million yuan will be loaded and shipped to Malaysia

"the two industry standards for electrified railway contact operation vehicles we have prepared have been completed and will become the industry standards for the next railway system." On January 15, Yang Linyong, general manager of Hubei Jinying heavy engineering machinery Co., Ltd., said excitedly, "after these two standards are approved, they will help enterprises seize the technological commanding heights and enhance their competitiveness."

In the workshop of Jinying heavy engineering machinery Co., Ltd., workers are producing large road maintenance machinery products (Photo by Wang Hu)

in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, a number of enterprises such as Jinying heavy engineering machinery Co., Ltd. have grown into industry leaders. In recent years, taking the opportunity of promoting the construction of national innovative pilot cities, national experimental zones for sustainable development, and national intellectual property pilot cities, Xiangyang has vigorously implemented the innovation driven development strategy, and adopted measures such as policy incentives, building platforms, introducing talents, and establishing innovation systems and mechanisms to help enterprises' scientific and technological innovation

Xiangyang City has issued a series of high-value policies and measures, such as the "opinions on strengthening the construction of science and technology business incubators and maker spaces" and the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the construction of national innovative cities", and actively built an innovation platform to promote the integration of industry, University and research, which has promoted enterprises to accelerate the pace of innovation. Test items: before changing the performance test, Xiangyang established 37 provincial engineering technology research centers, 26 provincial school enterprise joint research and development centers, and non professionals should not operate and debug the equipment easily. Once the machine has abnormal conditions, there are 6 provincial key laboratories, 1 national international science and technology cooperation base, and 7 provincial international science and technology cooperation bases

at the same time, Xiangyang actively promotes the strategy of driving scientific and technological talents, implements the "Longzhong talent support plan", introduces high-end talents at home and abroad, provides 1million yuan to 3million yuan starting funds for selected projects, and implements ten talent projects such as Longzhong talent apartment and Longzhong talent innovation platform, so that high-end talents can be attracted and retained. Last year, Xiangyang introduced 32 high-level innovation and entrepreneurship teams

technological innovation has added strong impetus to the development of enterprises, and a number of enterprises have rapidly grown into industry giants. Under slow and uniform loading, camel's battery products are sold to Europe, America, Africa and other regions through technological transformation, technological development, joint venture and cooperation, mergers and acquisitions. The high-voltage synchronous variable-frequency soft start device developed by energetically electrician in cooperation with Wuhan University and other institutions of higher learning fills the technical gap of synchronous variable-frequency soft start of synchronous motors with more than 40000 kW in China, and has become the brand of choice for domestic high-voltage large motors when soft start

after the enterprise grew into a "towering giant tree", Xiangyang City actively guided enterprises to participate in the formulation of national, industrial, local standards or enterprise standards by taking measures such as government guidance and replacing subsidies with awards, so as to seize the development opportunity. Xiangyang has issued many documents, such as the "reward measures for Xiangyang urban standardization projects" and the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the construction of" Xiangyang standards ", and enterprises can receive a single reward of up to 200000 yuan. By the end of 2017, Xiangyang enterprises had led or participated in the formulation of 101 national standards, 82 industrial standards, 40 provincial local standards, 71 municipal local standards and more than 1700 enterprise standards

by participating in the formulation of national or industrial standards, enterprises not only enhance the voice of the industry, but also further enhance the brand value and market share of enterprises. More than 20 soft start enterprises in Xiangyang have formed an alliance and formulated 7 national standards and 6 industrial standards for the soft start industry, accounting for more than 75% of the national market share

strengthening scientific and technological innovation and participating in standard formulation have effectively promoted the economic development of Xiangyang. In the first three quarters of 2017, the added value of the high-tech material industry after breaking in Xiangyang City was 70.947 billion yuan, an increase of 16.5% year-on-year. The added value of the high-tech industry accounted for 25.75% of GDP, ranking first in Hubei Province

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