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Zhou Weibin of golden crown paint was arrested for huge tax evasion (Figure)

Zhou Weibin of golden crown paint was arrested for huge tax evasion (Figure)

October 31, 2006

yesterday, it was learned that Zhou Weibin, the richest person on the Hurun 100 rich list and chairman of the board of directors of Foshan Shunde golden crown paint group, was recently detained on suspicion of huge tax evasion, At the same time, Zhou Jianming, the former financial director of the company, and others were also arrested for being punished for "seeking perfect services". Foshan judicial system confirmed the news. It is reported that Zhou Weibin may become the first Guangdong rich person to be pulled down since the Hurun rich list was released

Zhou Weibin has been rated as "the top ten outstanding young people in Guangdong Province", known as "business wizards", "Chinese Confucian businessmen" and "paint king", and has been shortlisted on the Hurun mainland 100 rich list and Forbes Chinese Mainland 100 rich list for several times. In the 2006 Hurun rich list, Zhou ranked 438th with a fortune of 800million yuan. It is reported that the zhouweibin case is a major case supervised by relevant provincial departments. The case was jointly handled by the Economic Investigation Detachment of Foshan Municipal State Administration of Taxation and Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau

it is said that Zhou was detained with people and car by Foshan National Tax Inspection Branch on the 24th of this month, and then was criminally detained, according to an insider yesterday

on October 11, when the "Hurun 2006 rich list in mainland China" was released, Zhou Weibin told this newspaper that he "has been on the list for five years, and he doesn't know what happened every year". But I dialed it many times yesterday, but I couldn't get through

yesterday, I contacted the insiders who disclosed the information to this newspaper. According to people familiar with the matter, Zhou Weibin received a letter from the Foshan national tax inspection department on the 24th and was detained with his car. The insider said that he was not present at the time, but he was very sure that the news was conclusive. He heard from relevant sources that the case would be investigated and handled by the national tax department in conjunction with the public security and the court

it is also understood that Zhou Jianming, who originally came from Sichuan and has been responsible for several years of financial work under Zhou Weibin (resigned in 1998), was detained in Chengdu, Sichuan on the 15th of this month

the financial staff was checked at the beginning of this month

an employee of golden crown paint learned that at the beginning of this month, the company's previous financial staff were all investigated by the public security department. Some employees said that the boss had disappeared recently

call another person of Zhou, and as soon as the woman heard about Zhou Weibin, she immediately asked who was looking for him, indicated her identity and said that she needed to verify Zhou's whereabouts. The other party said, "he's on a business trip these days. I'm his family." "Isn't this his? Where has he gone?" First, power off the control software. "Yes, he didn't bring it. It's inconvenient for me to say this."

"another one may be in use." "There is no such thing as (detention). From which channel did you know it? You should confirm it through them." The other party repeatedly asked how he knew the news, and said he would go back to the company to understand the situation

2006 rich list or fuse

according to people familiar with the matter, just after Hurun released the "2006 mainland China rich list" around October 11 this year, on October 20, a former head of the Sales Department of the company run by Zhou Weibin wrote a report letter to the Foshan national tax department, saying: "Zhou Weibin is a super rich man with 800 million yuan of assets. Why don't he pay taxes when he has money", "why don't he pay wages when he owes money", and so on

it is reported that the former head of the sales department also provided the national tax department with evidence that the company run by Zhou Weibin in August 2005 may be suspected of tax evasion. In addition to the materials reported by the person, the national tax department also received a large number of reporting materials about Zhou Weibin's suspected tax evasion, most of which came from his company's employees

it is also reported that around 2003, Zhou Weibin's company defaulted on the wages of a large number of employees, some as high as tens of thousands of yuan. On the official website of Foshan intermediate people's court, more than ten judgments on the labor dispute case between Jinlong ink employees and the company handled by Zhou Weibin can be searched at present. According to the current known situation, the Guangdong Provincial State Administration of Taxation and other departments have carried out property law enforcement and preservation of the plant and equipment of Jinlong ink company, the core subsidiary of Zhou Weibin

Zhou Weibin is the chairman of the board of Shunde Jinguan coating group, ranking 438 in the 2006 Hurun list, with a "wealth" of 800million yuan

Zhou Weibin was born in 1963 in a scholarly family in Shunde. His parents are both teachers. After graduating from University, zhouweibin came to a middle school in Shunde to teach. Later, he resigned to a lighting factory and applied to be the director of the laboratory, and began to really contact the research of coating. In 1988, Zhou Weibin came to Shunde Jinlong ink company to apply for a job and became the first engineer born in the company. Without the participation of foreign engineers, Zhou Weibin and others successfully developed "polyester paint" in less than 8 months, filling the gap in the domestic coating industry

In 1991, Zhou Weibin left Jinlong ink and built his own paint factory with 8000 yuan borrowed from the East and the West. At first, because he couldn't afford help, Zhou Weibin, 28, became a worker, technician, salesman and factory director alone. In a small shed of only more than 100 square meters, without money to buy equipment, he made simple mixing equipment based on his own ability and began to prepare oil paint coatings. When the products began to be introduced to the market, Zhou Weibin adopted the business strategy of using the products first and then paying, so that customers could compare his products with other imported coatings before paying. In this case, relying on an old single car carrying paint products, Zhou Weibin slowly opened the door of the paint market

In 1993, Zhou Weibin moved the original small factory to Honggang, Daliang, and changed its name to Jinguan paint factory. In 1994, the paint factory expanded from more than 100 square meters to more than 5000 square meters. In March, 1996, the foundation laying ceremony was held for the golden crown industrial city, which covers an area of more than 200 mu. Zhou Weibin designed the development goal for the industrial city at that time to be the largest high-end coating production base in China. The project was completed in three phases, with a total investment of more than 36 million US dollars

In 1998, as the helmsman of golden crown group, Zhou Weibin made use of his capital advantages to invest in the acquisition of Shunde Golden Dragon ink Chemical Co., Ltd., the largest ink production base in China, one of the top 100 high-tech enterprises in China and one of the top 200 industrial enterprises in Guangdong, laying a leading position in the coating and ink industry of golden crown group

In 2003, Zhou Weibin was criminally detained on suspicion of tax evasion

as early as 2001, Zhou Weibin was listed on the Forbes rich list in mainland China, ranking 76th, with a wealth of 700million yuan. He was 38 years old at that time, and Zhou Weibin has been listed every year since then. A person familiar with the matter, who declined to be named, told this newspaper that shortly after being listed again at the end of 2002, Zhou Weibin was reported to the Guangdong Provincial State Administration of taxation by a female person in charge of the Finance Department of the company in early 2003. The Provincial State Administration of Taxation immediately cooperated with the Foshan public security organ to seal up most of the company's financial information. It found that Zhou Weibin's company was suspected of tax evasion of about 30million yuan, and Zhou Weibin was criminally detained for the first time

according to the currently disclosed information, the document issued by Foshan Municipal State Taxation Bureau on November 15, 2005 shows that Jinlong ink Chemical Co., Ltd., the core subsidiary of Jinguan group, owes 8.2303 million yuan of value-added tax. The document issued by the Bureau on February 20, 2006 shows that Jinlong ink still owes 6.4713 million yuan of value-added tax

Jinlong Ink Co., Ltd., a core subsidiary of Jinguan coating group, is the largest ink base in China and the source of the development of Shunde coating industry. Since it was officially put into production in 1985, its output has been more than 10000 tons for many consecutive years, and was acquired by Jinguan coating in 1997. However, it was revealed that golden crown only contributed to bear the interest of its 60million foreign debts and 30million loans, and the principal has not been paid. According to the information provided by the provincial national tax department in 2004, the provincial National Tax Bureau once sealed up the factory where Jinlong was located

at the beginning of 2004, Zhou Weibin was released on bail after paying a deposit of 2million yuan

reason: suspected of huge tax evasion. Fgsf [2006] No. 25 document issued by Foshan National Taxation Bureau on February 20, 2006 shows that Jinlong ink Chemical Co., Ltd., the core subsidiary of Jinguan group, is in arrears of 6.4713 million yuan of value-added tax

handling: on October 24, Zhou Weibin was taken away with a car by the Foshan National Tax Inspection Branch, and then was arrested

criminal record: in 2003, Zhou's company was suspected of tax evasion of about 30million yuan, and Zhou Weibin was arrested

history of making a fortune

Zhou Weibin used to be a middle school teacher. He resigned and went to the sea to start a business from scratch, riding a bicycle and carrying paint, and finally established the golden crown paint group

Zhou Weibin's family

Wealth: 800 million yuan

ranking: No. 4 of Hurun's rich list in 2006. Preparations for the national manufacturing innovation center for graphene and rare earth functional materials were launched. 38

place of birth: Shunde, Guangdong

age: 43

Company: golden crown coatings

headquarters: Guangdong

main fields: Coatings

ranking in 2005: 231

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