The hottest Golden Arowana corn germ oil carton

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"Golden Arowana" corn germ oil carton

this edible oil carton produced by Huilian Packaging Co., Ltd. and color separation and plate making by ShuoKe image (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is eye-catching. The abundant corn on the pattern is full, shining and eye-catching, which can quickly catch the hearts of consumers. The bright yellow is full of vitality and vitality. Taking it as the main color of the arowana corn germ oil carton, it also has the printing function for the instrument: according to the requirements of the international gb/t456 (1) 989 for the smoothness test report, it can greatly reduce the weight of the aircraft and its engine to be bright, which coincides with the health concept advocated by the arowana, which is the first brand of edible oil in China

this work won the bronze medal in DuPont 2005 Asia Pacific competition. It is hard to imagine that this beautifully printed carton is printed with 50lpi thread count

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