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Kinyato has greatly simplified the global popularity process of Swiss Internet watches

kinyato's MIM and subscription management solution can realize the rapid deployment of mobile products worldwide, efficient production and manufacturing, rationalization of supply chain and convenient promotion of products around the world with a single design

in a pilot project of Swiss Telecom, a major mobile operator, the Bayer expert group, the global leader in digital security, will be composed of eight senior technical experts from overseas who are good at transportation, construction and industrial utilization. The leader jinyatuo was selected as a partner by limmex, a Swiss security solution supplier who needs to be a regular inspector, in order to make a revolutionary emergency watch realize machine-to-machine (M2M) connection. With the limmex watch, people who need special care or security, such as children, important people, independent workers, the elderly or individuals with health problems, just push the button to call relatives and friends urgently

jinyatuo will provide its Cinterion MIM (machine identification module) and linqus on-demand supply services, which eliminates the need for manufacturers to manufacture a large number of device variants and models. This simplifies the manufacturing process, because after the device is deployed to consumers, it enables the device to realize cellular connection in a specific country. This enables limmex to quickly and easily deploy the same product design in different markets

limmex looks like a traditional Swiss watch, but it has the function of pressing the surface of the watch to start an emergency call. The watch has a built-in microphone and speaker, so that emergency calls can be communicated

because we cooperate with many operators, we need to produce different product variants for each country and region we serve. As long as Li puts the spring into the test disk, Dr. Martin Reber, CEO of mmex, said. With the scheme provided by jinyatuo, we can produce more efficiently, supply goods faster, and promote our products to the world freely and conveniently

Swiss Telecom M2M is committed to ensuring that customers like limmex can obtain the products and support they need to expand their business, said Jaap Vossen, executive director of Swiss Telecom M2M business. Through our M2M product portfolio and working with our partners (such as jinyatuo), we can provide all the tools that customers need to succeed, whether regional or global oriented

jinyatuo MIM has a compact structure, which is very suitable for M2M applications and consumer electronics departments in limited space, said Benoit jouffrey, vice president of jinyatuo's on-demand connection business. We flexibly attach great importance to technology research and development and new product development. Purchase management solutions can be customized according to any specific deployment needs of customers, especially for the truly global and highly flexible limmex products

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo is a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, with an operating revenue of 2.4 billion euros in 2013 and more than 12000 employees worldwide. 85 offices and 25 research and software development centers have been established in 44 countries. Jinya Tuoding is located at the core of the rapidly innovating field of digital security. Billions of people around the world increasingly need and expect to communicate with others, travel, shop, handle banking affairs, entertainment and work in a safe and pleasant way. Jinyatuo is committed to meeting people's growing needs for personal mobile services, payment security, cloud authentication access services, identity and privacy protection, efficient e-health care and e-government, convenient ticketing, reliable machine to machine (M2M) applications, etc. We develop secure embedded software and design and personalize security products. Our platform and services manage these products and their confidential data, as well as trusted terminal services running on them

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