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Since this year, Tongshi town has focused on industrial development and upgrading, strengthened investment attraction, established the development thinking of "project is king", and polished the "golden signboard" of the vigorous development of the town's economy. Up to now, there are 6 new projects in Tongshi Town, with a total investment of 720million. After completion and operation, it can achieve an annual output value of 1.64 billion and profits and taxes of 140million

actively "bring in" to activate the momentum of development. Accurately grasp the national investment priorities and industrial orientation, and plan and package a number of projects that lay the foundation and benefit the long term. An investment promotion group headed by the Secretary of the Party committee was established, which went out for more than 11 activities, negotiated 8 projects, and successfully attracted 5 projects. Focusing on the two goals of "a big town of wood industry" and "a strong town of honeysuckle", four industrial projects with investment of more than 100 million, including Yuxiang new materials, Shandong Lvshan wood industry, enjiayi high-end intelligent manufacturing, and Tongrentang honeysuckle planting base, have been successfully attracted by means of business investment, industrial investment, and rural investment, with remarkable results

revitalize "old assets" and make old projects reborn. In order to make up for the land shortage of industrial economic development and solve the problem of land indicators restricting industrial economic development, Tongshi town successfully implemented the Cangzhou universal experimental machine which is a good industrial project "cage for bird" project. The original Zhangli middle school in the steel pipe standard playground, the former Zhangli township government family courtyard, and the original idle plant of Linyi Huayuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. were transferred for land replacement, with a total of 78999 square meters of land being revitalized. Shandong Lvshan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and enjiayi high-end intelligent manufacturing Co., Ltd., which have been restricted by land indicators for a long time, were successfully settled, attracting 360million funds and resettling more than 300 social labor forces. In addition, 51680 square meters of idle industrial land has been included in the township government's reconstruction plan, which continues to provide important land indicators for the implementation of new projects, effectively improving the friction life and fatigue life support of mechanical mechanisms

be a good "waiter" and cultivate fertile soil for development. Tongshi town has firmly established a sense of service, implemented the "one enterprise, one policy" guarantee work method for new enterprises, and transferred more than 10 people from the economic and Trade Office, investment promotion office, three introductions and one promotion office and other departments to form a supporting service team to help enterprises on a regular basis. For 18 enterprises in the town, we will accurately promote policy dividends, accelerate the promotion of various measures to support the development of enterprises, from "taking root automatically when falling" to "blooming everywhere", strengthen the promotion and application of projects, and help enterprises make accurate use of policies and measures. In view of the business environment problems reflected by business owners, we should firmly establish the "red line thinking" and "bottom line thinking", constantly optimize the business environment under the conditions permitted by law, and make every effort to ensure the operation and development of enterprises

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