The hottest golden decade of smart grid is coming

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Is the golden decade of smart electricity coming

the concept of smart electricity is gradually heating up. As part of the economic stimulus plan, European and American countries announced their own smart electricity plans when the international financial crisis spread. In July last year, Guodian also determined the development plan and overall investment of smart electricity

smart electricity is compared to, but about 50% of it is the central nervous system of new and customized power systems. Power companies can automatically monitor electricity, optimize electrical performance, prevent power outages, and restore power supply faster by using sensors, meters, digital controls, and analysis tools. Consumers' management of power use can also be refined to each connected device

when speaking of intellectualization abroad, it mainly refers to the intellectualization of power distribution. Chinese companies involve all links of power generation and distribution. Unlike foreign intelligent electricity, UHV power, which is characterized by long-distance and large-capacity transmission, will become the core link. Although there are still disputes on the development direction and technical standards, the battle for smart electricity seems to have begun. This will be a larger industrial space than 3G services

according to the national electricity development plan, 2009 and 2010 are the pilot stages of smart electricity planning, the main work is to formulate planning and relevant standards, and the upcoming 2011-2015 is the comprehensive construction stage of the smart electricity plan, with an investment amount of nearly 2trillion yuan

the investment of strong smart power focuses on photovoltaic, safety monitoring, smart substations and other fields. At present, local governments have begun to build a series of Smart Substation systems and new energy bases based on the concept of smart networks. At present, a number of smart meter enterprises have participated in the competition in this market, and it is said that a 4billion yuan industrial chain will be formed. Many private enterprises in China have entered the field of smart meters, and most of those who focus on smart substations are industry giants who are still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development

but for the future prospects of smart electricity development, it is necessary to ensure that there is no impact and power loss in the process of switching. Some experts also pointed out that since the separation of factories in 2004, China's power investment has lagged behind the power investment, and the power construction on the distribution side is the weak link of power construction. In the future, the construction of smart electric ball screws on the transmission side with UHV as the framework will further increase this gap. These may make smart power construction ignore the intellectualization of distribution side such as distributed energy, and cannot benefit the majority of power end consumers more. This may have an impact on the future market space

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