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The 12th International factory/process automation technology and Equipment Exhibition ('2008fa/pa), hosted by China electromechanical integration technology application Association and hosted by Beijing diewen Technology Development Co., Ltd., will be opened at China International Exhibition Center from June 10 to 13, 2008

this exhibition, which is widely used in the automotive, packaging, textile and other industries, will gather about 200 exhibitors from home and abroad to exhibit on the same stage, including famous enterprises such as Siemens, Schneider, baccalais industrial automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Baum electronics, Bonner sensor, Wanke electronics, schke optoelectronics, plofis international trade, Lloyd's test electronics, Hitachi Electric and Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, The exhibition area is 15000m

the exhibition scope of this exhibition includes:

● factory/process automation technology and equipment

Wang Xianhong's memory of success is also particularly deep

● automatic instruments

● Industrial Ethernet/fieldbus technology and products

● safety systems and products

● variable frequency speed regulation and servo control

● motion control system

● industrial control machines and systems

● programmable controllers and related technologies

● industrial robots and related technologies

● numerical control system

● computer aided design and manufacturing

● sensors and automatic measuring devices

● hydraulic and pneumatic components

● automated three-dimensional warehouse

● harmonic transmission technology

● embedded technology

● mechanical engineering

this exhibition will open a special area for education and training for the first time in hall 9, This is a new highlight of this exhibition and another new initiative of the industry exhibition

the purpose of holding education and training exhibitions is to publicize the education and training plans of enterprises for exhibitors, especially for college students; Publicize the projects and roadshows held by enterprises and colleges, educational and scientific research institutions; Publicize the corporate culture, management and strategic planning of each enterprise; Carry out face-to-face technical exchanges with exhibitors to expand the influence of enterprises

the third summit forum will also appear again at this exhibition. Through the successful holding of the previous two industrial technology summit forums,

this forum will invite leaders of leading enterprises in the world's industrial automation to come to the venue in person to bring audiences lectures on cutting-edge automation technology and share high-tech technological achievements

this exhibition is now in full swing. With the '2008 Beijing Olympic flame', exhibitors and visitors from all industries with a single furnace room capacity more than twice that of the original baking furnace are welcome to come to Beijing to participate in this exhibition. In order to achieve a strong automation level of hp-rtm process, a total of '2008fa/pa' is required

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