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Mining the "gold mine" for the development of the honeycomb paperboard industry (1)

with the increasing demand for environmental protection, the use of 17 tons of mercury per year is getting higher and higher, and consumers' requirements for cushioning packaging materials are also getting higher and higher. Serious environmental pollution problems make environmental friendly packaging materials widely used. Because honeycomb paperboard has the advantages of reasonable structure, light weight, high strength, sound absorption, heat insulation, no pollution, etc, It has become the spokesman of "bearing support trend at the fulcrum of modern environmental protection lever" and quickly becomes popular in major markets. It has a broad prospect and unique scenery. However, with the continuous development of the market, how to explore the development of honeycomb paperboard industry is still a problem worth thinking about

since October, 1998, China's foreign trade exports have declined, and it is urgent to solve the problem of wood packaging. National leaders have issued emergency notices for many times, requiring relevant departments to study countermeasures and put forward measures to solve problems. Therefore, we have to consider developing new packaging materials suitable for China's national conditions and export needs as soon as possible, and accelerating the introduction of wood substitute packaging materials. Honeycomb paperboard is an ideal material and has become a hot spot for promotion and application, which is the direct reason for the rapid rise of honeycomb paperboard

although honeycomb paperboard is "cool under the big tree", at present, the production and application of paper honeycomb products in China are still in the initial and development stage. The research and development of production line equipment, the structural design of products, and the No. 46 and No. 65 documents issued by the Fire Department of the former Ministry of public security all temporarily stipulate the processing capacity of products, and the serialization and standardization of products have made slow progress. Compared with foreign advanced equipment, there is still a big gap in the integrity, stability, processing accuracy and processing quality of honeycomb paperboard production line in China. We analyze the development of China's honeycomb paperboard industry from the following aspects:

performance and advantages thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials

honeycomb paperboard is a new type of packaging material with high strength, high elasticity, large load-bearing, low cost and recyclability. It is much better than traditional paper packaging boxes and wooden packaging boxes in protecting packaging items and reducing packaging costs. It is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials. Its structure determines its characteristics, that is, light weight, uniform compression, high compression, bending and shear strength, good cushioning and vibration isolation performance, low cost, easy recycling, renewable, is a green, energy-saving, environmental protection, high-tech new packaging material. Honeycomb paperboard involves all walks of life, ranging from micro motors to aircraft engines. Honeycomb paperboard packaging can be used, especially in the field of packaging and construction. Replacing plastic with paper and wood with paper has become a general trend, and its prospects and benefits are widely optimistic. The development of paper honeycomb products in China is an inevitable trend

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