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The decision of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries points out that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is one of the seven strategic emerging industries that China focuses on cultivating and developing at this stage. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry focuses on the development of five industries: aviation, aerospace, rail transit equipment, marine engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment

the 12th Five year plan also proposes to develop seven strategic emerging industries. Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry is an important part of strategic emerging industries. It belongs to the field of high-end equipment manufacturing and is a relatively new concept. It is the only gold mine in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry that has not been fully recognized by the market

according to the Research Report of galaxy securities, the market is very optimistic about the development prospects of the four major industries of aviation, aerospace, rail transit equipment and marine engineering equipment, but it has not yet realized the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. It is expected that the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will achieve rapid growth in the coming years, and is expected to achieve an average annual growth of more than 25% in the next five years

according to incomplete statistics, the sales output value of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry in 2009 has reached more than 300billion yuan

China will strive to cultivate the high-end equipment manufacturing industry into a pillar industry of the national economy. The overall plan for the development of machinery industry during the 12th Five year plan clearly points out that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the machinery industry should maintain a steady and healthy development, the average annual growth rate of main business income should be maintained at about 12%, and the growth of high-end equipment should be more than twice the average growth rate of the whole industry

Galaxy Securities believes that at present, China is in the middle and late stage of industrialization, fixed asset investment will still maintain a rapid growth, market demand is strong, and the machinery industry is gradually moving from large to strong. In the next five years, the average annual growth rate of main business income is at least 15%, of which the growth rate of high-end equipment is expected to reach more than 25%

benefiting from the investment and growth of high-end equipment, the development space of intelligent manufacturing equipment is huge

so what is intelligent manufacturing? Is it expected to be equipped in 2011 (2) and 030? Intelligent manufacturing equipment is usually a general term for manufacturing equipment with the functions of perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making and control. It is the integration and integration of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligent technology in equipment products that can be divided into axial extensometer, horizontal extensometer and clip extensometer, which reflects the development requirements of intellectualization, digitization and networking of manufacturing industry

the level of intelligent manufacturing equipment has become an important symbol to measure the industrialization level of a country

according to the introduction, the main contents of the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment include: focusing on promoting high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, automated complete production lines, intelligent control systems, precision and intelligent instruments and test equipment, key basic parts, domestic well-known enterprise parts, components and general components, such as Goldilocks, Hefei Huitong, zhongguanghe Juner, Pulit, dawn group, Rizhi rise, etc, The development of intelligent special equipment will realize the automation, intelligence, precision and greening of the production process, and drive the improvement of the overall technical level of the industry

among them, the automation complete set production line is closely related to the traditional industry of general machinery, and its focus is to develop the system integration of large-scale ethylene and PTA automatic production lines of million tons and above, as well as the key equipment of large-scale coal chemical automation; Key equipment for large-scale LNG production and energy storage automation, large-scale natural gas long-distance transportation systems such as impact; High efficiency cotton spinning, short process dyeing and finishing automatic production line; Large underground automatic comprehensive mining equipment and large open-pit automatic equipment

it is not difficult to see that industrial automation has been endowed with new connotation by the times. It has evolved from pure mechanical and electrical automation to intelligent manufacturing equipment at the national level, and has become an important part of high-end equipment manufacturing industry. This has greatly promoted the development of the national automation industry and inspired the confidence of automation enterprises. (hard rock)

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