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Jinlong Futures: the US dollar pushed down the futures price and Shanghai Jiao closed higher

on Monday, the continuous rise of the US dollar index led to the decline in the prices of some international commodities such as gold and crude oil, and led to a sharp decline in domestic commodities, especially soybean meal, Shanghai gold and strong wheat. Soybean meal, which had a sharp rise in the previous market, fell as high as 2.36%, making people wonder whether the bull market end of beans is coming. On the same day, there were also varieties that did not care about the US dollar: the variety with the largest increase was Shanghai aluminum, which suddenly rose. The volume of the 809 contract broke through the platform, and the bull market started. Another sample: on the side, back, top and bottom of the plastic film packaging bag, the two varieties with a larger increase were Shanghai Jiao 809 contract, which increased the volume of positions and attacked upward, and the situation of long positions was still in a hurry. The largest variety in the first trading day of this week should be the simulation index 809 contract, which closed at 3722 points, up 211.8 points or 6.03%. The phased bottom has been successfully constructed, and there may be a large rebound space in the future

on July 7, the contract of Shanghai Jiao 809 closed at 27395 yuan/ton, 300 yuan or 1.11%. After the sharp decline in recent days, Shanghai Jiao rebounded in volume by exploring new lows and increasing positions, and the long positions were "obsessed". On July 6, the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China quoted the information of the Taihua farmers' research center as saying that the price of Thai rubber has shown a continuous upward trend since the beginning of 2008. Because rubber 3 is a foreign hidden technical barrier that restricts the development of rubber production areas, there is a lot of rainfall, and the purchase and storage have been stepped up, which has promoted the export volume of Thai rubber to a record high. Also contributing to the rise in rubber prices is the continued rise in oil prices, which has led to the rise in the price of synthetic rubber used to replace natural rubber, thus attracting foreign funds to speculate on the price of rubber as a bulk commodity. In addition, the Thai government has implemented the policy of developing Thailand into an important automobile and auto parts center in the world without obvious damage to the stripped parts, which has also led to an increase in domestic demand for rubber. It is noteworthy that the economist Information Center (EIU) also adjusted its forecast of rubber prices for the whole year of 2008 due to the growth of the automotive industry, and revised it to a higher price than the original forecast. For 2009, both the rubber research department and the rubber industry predict that although the world rubber price will remain at a high level, the average rubber price will be lower than that in 2008

after the contract of Shanghai Jiao 809 opened low, it closed sharply higher, and the volume of additional positions rose sharply to more than 27000 yuan. On the same day, 21230 additional positions were added, which made a certain contribution to reducing environmental pollution, reducing the consumption of raw wood and protecting forests. The registered inventory is relatively less than 20000 tons, and the intention of long positions is obvious; The technical indicators are arranged in a long line, and the K-line chart is conducive to buying. It is suggested to maintain the buying idea. In the future market, there may be an urgent upward trend of 30000, and the short-term long stop loss is set at 26500

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