The hottest gold height Foton RESA 56 meter pump t

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Rush to the beach gold height Foton RESA 56 meter pump car will be on the market within the year

rush to the beach gold height Foton RESA 56 meter pump car will be on the market within the year

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Guide: in the increasingly fierce competition in the commercial and concrete industry, if you want to win in the scuffle, you must have core technology products that meet market needs and even exceed market expectations. According to internal sources of Foton Reza, following the successful launch of Daimler GTL chassis 52 meter pump car at the beginning of the year, Foton's product development has made renewed efforts, or

in the increasingly fierce competition in the commercial and hybrid industry, the year-on-year decrease of 4.25%, 6.42% and 7.90% respectively, in order to win in the scuffle, we must have core technology products that meet market demand and even exceed market expectations. According to an insider of Foton Reza, what is the servo valve of the microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine that was successfully launched at the beginning of the year? After the 52m pump car with GTL chassis, Foton's product development will be launched again, or the 56m pump car with Daimler GTL chassis produced nationwide will be launched at the end of the year, which will add a competitive edge to Foton Reza's decisive battle in the commercial and hybrid market

optimistic about the domestic chassis market, 56 meters continue to expand the domestic chassis camp

the financial crisis since 2008 is profoundly affecting the pattern of the commercial mixed market. The declining profit space requires users to purchase domestic chassis pump vehicles with higher cost performance and stronger service advantages, and the breakthroughs in quality and technology of domestic chassis have also made more people dispel their purchase concerns. Data shows that domestic chassis pump trucks are rapidly crowding out the market share of imported chassis pump trucks with the advantage of high user value

in the face of market opportunities, Foton Reza, as a pioneer of domestic chassis Road, has significantly accelerated the expansion speed of domestic chassis camp. It is understood that at present, Foton Reza has formed a series of full meter pump cars, including 37 meters, 47 meters, 52 meters, etc. the addition of the new 56 meter pump car will undoubtedly provide users with more options, and also give Foton Reza more room to expand its market

the formation and promotion of Foton Reza domestic pump truck road is closely related to Foton behind it. Since its inception, relying on the strategic cooperation mode between Foton and world-famous brands, Foton RESA has formed an integrated advantage in research and development, manufacturing and service from the beginning by using Foton's global "management knowledge development alliance, technology strategic alliance, supply chain strategic alliance and market strategic alliance" and natural chassis manufacturing capacity

with the help of Foton Daimler chassis, Foton Reza will leap the manufacturing quality of domestic pump trucks to the international level, while retaining the advantage of localization manufacturing cost. On top of this, Foton Reza successfully joined hands with world-renowned enterprises such as Mercedes Benz, Cummins, doctor, ZF, etc. to integrate global resources for its own use. In just half a year, it completed the leap from the 52 meter pump truck to the 56 meter pump truck produced nationwide. From this, it is not difficult to see that Foton Reza is bound to carry out the domestic chassis to the end, and win more confidence in the market and user recognition through practical actions

integrated 6-arm "X" outrigger technology - create a "technology rich mine" for domestic chassis pump trucks.

it is understood that the upcoming Foton Reza 56 meter pump truck has not only created a new benchmark for domestic chassis in terms of pumping height, but also become a "technology rich mine" in the field of pump trucks. In the field of pump trucks, 56 meters is known as the "golden height" for its wide range of applications, and the product development of this height has always been a "battleground for strategists". Based on this, from the beginning of design, Foton Reza has positioned 56 meters as a strategic product, and this pump truck has almost integrated all the mainstream technologies in the current pump truck field

6-link arm and X-type outrigger technology are the two most commendable technologies of Foton Reza 56 meter pump truck. Compared with the previous defects that the distribution height and range of domestic chassis pump trucks with 5-arm are very limited, the effective distribution height and range of 6-arm technology are increased by 15% and 20% under the same boom length. The application of "X" outrigger technology makes Foton Reza's new 56 meter pump truck more efficient and site applicability. Compared with the traditional swing outrigger, which must rotate to the support position when it is opened, the "X" outrigger only needs to move to the support position along a straight line due to its structural advantages, which obviously saves the space occupied by the outrigger after it is opened, making the space advantage of the whole vehicle more obvious

in addition, this pump truck also integrates mainstream technologies such as anti boom sinking technology, active vibration suppression technology, anti rollover technology, automatic concrete withdrawal piston technology, hydraulic double pump confluence technology, full power adaptive fuel saving technology, which further improves the operation efficiency, reliability and economy of the pump truck

highly determines value, and technology changes products. Foton Reza has once again established the leading position in the domestic pumping field. While opening up a new path for the commercial and mixed industry, it has also built itself into a benchmark for high-end equipment manufacturing. It is believed that with the advent of the 56 meter pump truck produced nationwide, Foton Reza will rise high on the world commercial concrete stage and set a new high for Chinese commercial concrete

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