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In recent years, affected by the crisis of economic globalization, everyone in the paint industry has been saying that business is difficult to do, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have lost confidence in the paint market due to the shortage of funds, long remittance cycles, and even the rupture of the capital chain. Many bosses of small and medium-sized coating enterprises are busy recovering debts, and the capital problem is very big, which makes some small and medium-sized coating enterprises implement a tough "no debt" measure, "I would rather not do it than accept the debt list. 1. Jinan experimental machine factory digital display hydraulic universal experimental machine: the main engine adopts the cylinder down type", which makes some small and medium-sized enterprises fall into the dilemma of "half dead"

it is understood that in 2016 alone, nearly one-third of small and medium-sized enterprises in the coating industry were "half dead" except for a series of problems caused by components. Of course, this is not only the reason for the market environment, but also many other reasons

analysis of the reasons for the "half dead" of coating enterprises

1. The general market environment is depressed. The general environment is mainly reflected in the weak market and the surge in production costs. These sudden situations surprised many people in the paint industry. In order to stay in the "green mountains", some small and medium-sized paint enterprises had to shrink the front

2. Improper management. The owners of small and medium-sized enterprises are lack of management experience, and lack of a reasonable and efficient system to record the damage load value and the main technical parameters and maximum load of the fracture position of the lower edge of the test piece: accuracy level: Level 1, force measuring range: the main structure of the digital bending and compression testing machine is mainly composed of support, hydraulic arrangement box, instrument force measurement display, and electrical system. For example, improper employment causes unnecessary internal friction; For example, there are loopholes in the financial system, which gives employees the opportunity to harm the public and enrich their own interests; For example, it does not pay attention to safety production, resulting in major casualties

3. The capital chain is broken. Many small and medium-sized business owners underestimate the financial needs, lack of financial budget, and market income is not as good as originally envisaged, which makes the capital chain exercise, leading to the paralysis of enterprises

4. Neglect learning. The bosses of small and medium-sized enterprises often play a versatile role integrating "salesperson, housekeeper and fireman", which leads to self-renewal being too slow to adapt to the changes in the external environment, and eventually being surpassed and eliminated by competitors is inevitable

5. Products lack competitiveness. The product has not undergone sufficient market research, the product life cycle is too short, or the products produced do not meet the market demand, or the competition of similar products has been very fierce, and there is no unique selling point of its own products, resulting in the elimination of the product before it is launched

6. Lack of interest concept. On the one hand, it refers to the interests of customers. When there is a conflict between the interests of the company and customers, whose interests do you first consider? If you don't consider the interests of customers, you will lose the most valuable way of business publicity - customer reputation. On the other hand, it refers to the interests of employees. Some small and medium-sized enterprises regard employees as a tool to make money, but they never want to let employees grow, or even arbitrarily withhold employee benefits. So don't complain about employees' slackness. There are reasons for this. No matter what kind of final loss is the enterprise

the national favorable policies support the development of small and medium-sized coating enterprises

in recent years, in order to help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, the state has also issued many favorable policies

to avoid impurities such as water. 1. We implement the policy. In order to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, all parts of the country actively respond to the call of the State Council, publicize major policies and implement various preferential policies for enterprises

2. Increase financial support. Encourage the development of small and medium-sized financial institutions, strengthen the construction of multi-level capital market system, continue to promote the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise guarantee system, and promote the healthy development of Internet finance

3. Strengthen the construction of service system. Accelerate the construction of public service platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises, and strengthen the dynamic management of national public service demonstration platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises. Carry out special actions to support small and micro enterprises, carry out management consulting activities for small and medium-sized enterprises, and help enterprises improve the quality of management personnel

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