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Golden deer group enters the diaper Market

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core tip: [China Packaging News] the market dividend brought by the "two child policy" has not subsided. The baby diaper market seems to have been a red sea, but there are still countless opportunities. Recently, from Fujian

[China Packaging News], the market dividend brought by the "two child policy" has not subsided. The baby diaper market seems to have been a red sea, but there are still countless opportunities. Recently, it was learned from Fujian Jinlu Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. that the company will officially enter the diaper industry in the near future and enter the infant and child market through wechat channels

from focusing on the field of mosquito disinfection and sterilization for more than 30 years to comprehensively entering the household hygiene products market, Jinlu group has accelerated the pace of transformation in recent years

insiders said that Daiichi chemical products represented by diapers will add new chips to Jinlu's further opening of the household hygiene market

"golden deer baby" new brand tests the market

"our Diaper brand golden deer baby will start testing the water in the near future. I believe this will be another new product of golden deer with unique market competitiveness." Recently, at the 2018 excellent talent training fund distribution ceremony held by Jinlu group, zhangxiangrong, general manager of the company, revealed the latest market moves of Jinlu

it is reported that Jinlu diaper brand "Jinlu baby" will adopt a new brand image and rely on wechat to carry out targeted marketing in the second half of the year

as for choosing baby diapers as a new starting point, Zhang Xiangrong explained that after the current "two child policy" was liberalized, a large number of demand for diapers was generated. In addition, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's requirements for the quality of life and health are also rising. The diaper market still contains unlimited business opportunities, so Jinlu entered this field

however, Jinlu is not ready to open up another production line for production. "Professional people do professional things. We have advantages in product research and development. It is enough to do this process well, and production will seek external cooperation."

relying on wechat channels to test the market, on the one hand, we can see the market vitality of this channel, on the other hand, it is out of steady market considerations. "We will not launch channels in a large area for the time being. Jinlu has always followed a steady route. At present, wechat is the most suitable channel for us to test the market." Zhang Xiangrong said

add chips to the sanitary products market

Jinlu's entry into the diaper market is not untraceable. As early as 2016, Jinlu's household paper products were fully launched on the e-commerce platform. As a similar product category, the success of household paper in the market also increased Jinlu's confidence in exploring the diaper market

"the main purpose of making household paper is to eliminate the obvious shortage of the original disinfection and sterilization products in the slack and peak seasons of the market." Fang Qingrong, general manager of jinluluo Technology Co., Ltd., said that the positioning of Jinlu's household paper products, from early promotional products to today's new popular models, the market explosive force of paper products has exceeded the original expectations of the enterprise

it was revealed that in the early stage of planning to make household paper, Jinlu actually thought more about taking advantage of the proportion of daily chemical products in life to improve the brand influence of Jinlu. But inadvertently, the huge sales volume has brought more than brand promotion to Jinlu, but more tangible economic returns

in Jinlu's new product positioning, in addition to being a supplement to e-commerce products, household paper products, as fast moving consumer goods, are popular on e-commerce platforms, and also provide an excellent publicity for Jinlu, "said LUSHIHAO, vice president of plastic business department of aoshengde functional materials Co., Ltd, It makes up for the shortcomings of aviation and transportation, which have significantly increased the use of thermoplastic materials in the two major industries, and has significantly reduced the slack and peak seasons of disinfection and sterilization products, increasing the brand stickiness of consumers

from facial tissue paper, toilet paper, to wet wipes, natural color paper, handkerchief paper... Jinlu also continues to enrich the variety of paper products. It is understood that at present, Jinlu brand has covered most household paper categories. Like the original disinfection and sterilization and washing products, these products are targeted at the mid-range market and suitable for mass consumption

it is reported that since its launch in 2016, Jinlu's household paper sales have exceeded 10 million yuan. This figure should not be underestimated, and according to the current sales trend, there is still a lot of room for improvement. With the success of the new products, Jinlu has also moved from small daily chemicals in the field of disinfection and sterilization to large daily chemicals such as washing and household paper

now, with the brand effect that has been cultivated for more than 30 years, Jinlu's new diapers may become another new hot money from the perspective of data mechanics, adding new chips for Jinlu to further open the household hygiene products market

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