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Behind Gree's salary increase is the dilemma of the manufacturing industry that it can't retain talents.

recently, Gree company issued an internal statement, which said that in order to share the company's development achievements with grass-roots employees, the company decided to raise employees according to their performance and positions according to the total amount of 1000 yuan per capita per month. This means that, based on the current 80000 employees of Gree, Gree will increase its employee costs by at least 1billion yuan per year after the salary increase. Even with the volume of Gree, this is not a small amount

moreover, there is a very interesting and noteworthy sentence in this statement, which gives employees a raise according to performance and position. In other words, unlike ordinary salary increases, this salary increase is a conditional salary increase, which will be allocated according to the job division and performance appraisal of employees

then, since it is a raise, why should it be restricted? I thought such a raise should be a helpless move for Gree. Because it's not just the intention to reward employees with a raise. Retaining talents is what Gree really wants to do


it is normal for enterprises to raise wages again after a year. As the profits of enterprises increase, the salaries of employees naturally rise with the tide. However, Gree's salary increase is somewhat abnormal, because this is not the first time in recent years

in December 2016, Gree Electric Appliance gave all personnel a general increase of 1000 yuan per month, and an additional 1000 yuan per person per month on the basis of the existing monthly salary. The scope of payment is for employees who have been employed for more than 3 months (except for special salary negotiation personnel)

not only is it a raise, Dong Mingzhu also promised to give employees rooms and cars. In February 2017, Dong Mingzhu said in an interview that every Gree employee should enjoy two rooms and one living room. At present, Gree has begun to build more than 3000 sets of two bedrooms and one living room in Zhuhai. The purpose is to make every employee live and work in peace and contentment without having to work hard for a house all his life

Dong Mingzhu said: two bedrooms and one living room are the most basic. When you have a higher income in the future, you can also go if you have tens of millions of income to buy a mansion. When you don't go, here, the house belongs to you

many people are envious of raising wages and giving away houses. They say Gree is really rich! But no matter how rich the company is, it will not spend money indiscriminately. Why does Gree, who has already given a raise and a house, want to give employees a raise again? What is reflected behind this is the current situation of the massive brain drain of Gree

it is reported that Gree will be poached more than 600 people every year, and most of them are technical talents, who have been trained for 5 to 10 years. These valuable talents can be said to be the painstaking efforts of Gree. After hard training, they can make contributions to the enterprise, but they are suddenly poached. Such a loss can be said to be huge

Dong Mingzhu himself once angrily revealed to the media that headhunters from other companies come to dig people at the gate of Gree every day. On one occasion, a Guodian enterprise came to Zhuhai to recruit Gree talents, which made Dong Mingzhu anxious. 6. At the end of the bellows ring stiffness tester experiment, Gree sent someone to beat the other party, and then drove the other party away

such brain drain is unacceptable to Dong Mingzhu and Gree. That's why the crazy move of giving employees a raise is not necessarily a long-term solution, but for now, Gree's employees at least benefit

but as a behemoth in the manufacturing industry, Gree has a large number of brain drain, not to mention other small enterprises

manufacturing industry that cannot retain people

in fact, the brain drain is not just Gree. At present, many manufacturing enterprises are facing the current situation of insufficient talent supply, increasingly poor staff stability, and increasingly strong mobility. Unable to retain people has become a problem for the whole industry

according to an enterprise director in the manufacturing industry, in the industrial zone where their enterprise is located, usually each factory needs to change a batch of people every eight or nine months. Before the plastic profile is extruded, they are well paid, but the average working time of employees is only more than one year

imagine that if you change a group of people in eight or nine months, where are the core employees and skilled employees from the enterprise. Most people just get familiar with the position and leave again. They have to change a group of new employees to re cultivate and keep cycling. In this way, it not only consumes the time, energy and financial resources of the enterprise, but also cannot guarantee the stability of production and the quality of products

some people may say why these enterprises do not spend money to raise wages like Gree. In fact, not all enterprises have strong profitability like Gree. Small manufacturing enterprises must first consider their own profitability. In the current situation of the overall decline of the domestic manufacturing industry, manufacturing enterprises in places such as Dongguan are facing the problem of declining profits. Enterprises can't earn money, so what can they take to give employees a raise. And even though many enterprises have increased their salaries, the brain drain has not been significantly improved

in a word, the manufacturing industry's inability to retain people is a serious problem, which also touches on the requirements for preform. Companies with a physique like Gree can retain employees by frantically increasing their wages and benefits, but this method is not applicable to all enterprises. At present, this problem cannot be solved by enterprises alone, nor can it be solved well. It must be coordinated by enterprises, governments, society and other parties Speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; Only by working together and taking measures together can we really solve it

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