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The reason behind the suspension of shared electric vehicles is worth reflection by agricultural machinery enterprises

recently, a new kind of scooter, shared electric vehicles, emerged in Hangzhou one after another. Originally, it was thought that users would applaud it, but it was the same as shared bicycles, and it didn't need to die. It was a little embarrassed when it was asked to stop by the management department

in this regard, the Hangzhou municipal government issued the guiding opinions of Hangzhou on promoting the standardized development of interconnected rental bicycles (Trial), Article 12 of which stipulates that "considering the factors such as riding safety, parking order and the safety of charging and changing supporting facilities, the city temporarily prohibits the development of interconnected electric bicycles". In terms of shared electric vehicles, there are hidden dangers in the rental of electric bicycles, such as vehicles that do not meet national technical standards, cyclists who have not received safety training and are not fixed, rechargeable batteries that are prone to fire, and pollution to the ecological environment

however, are these the only hidden dangers of sharing electric vehicles

of course, there is more. Considering the riding safety of the majority of users, quality is of course the primary consideration, and quality depends on technology. Technically, how to charge quickly and efficiently to ensure the riding time of each shared electric vehicle requires technology to tackle key problems; From the perspective of market, although the shared electric vehicle was stopped as soon as it was launched, it saves time and effort compared with bicycles. If it is not regulated, there should be a large market. In order to ensure the steady operation of the market, the launch enterprises should also consolidate technical problems to ensure that users do not lose; In terms of cost, the cost of electric vehicles is high, and the return cycle is relatively long. In order to recover the cost quickly, enterprises will reduce the cost of products. In this way, the safety problem of electric vehicles has become a hidden danger; In addition, there are post maintenance issues. Nowadays, discarded shared bicycles can be seen everywhere as scrap iron, resulting in a waste of resources. Therefore, sharing electric vehicles requires more effort in maintenance

the problems exposed by shared electric vehicles are not only simple social problems, but also various structural material problems such as metal, non-metal and composite materials that rise to the level of technology, quality, cost, post maintenance and other enterprises and establish reward and punishment systems. These are also hidden dangers in the agricultural machinery industry

in terms of the size of agricultural machinery and its special scope of use, it has greater social security risks. In recent years, all kinds of bloody incidents of agricultural machinery hurting people have occurred frequently, which is terrible. The reason is the same as the problem that electric bike riders have not received safety training. Although many agricultural machinery operators can drive agricultural machinery, they do not necessarily understand agricultural machinery. When agricultural machinery encounters failure, they are at a loss, resulting in accidents. Such incidents are indeed countless. In this regard, agricultural machinery operators should actively participate in agricultural machinery training, understand the basic knowledge of agricultural machinery, and have simple maintenance skills

technical problems directly affect the quality of products. Only with exquisite technology can we create excellent quality. Technological innovation is the most scarce thing in China's agricultural machinery industry. The current cold winter of the agricultural machinery industry is not so much because of the decline in sales, but rather because of the plight of innovation. After the low-end market demand is saturated, enterprises generally lack the ability to cope. Recently, some media reported that several students majoring in automation at Beijing University of technology used Baidu paddepadder open source 2 To better ensure the synchronization of the beam movement of the experimental machine, the deep learning model on the platform creates a "fruit and vegetable intelligent sorter" to realize the automatic sorting of large peaches in Pinggu. As soon as this news came out, many people wondered whether China's agricultural machinery manufacturing industry could seize this round of opportunities. Following the introduction of driverless tractors in Japan and the use of tablet computers by Fante company to command a team of agricultural robots to complete corn planting, the agricultural machinery market is quietly undergoing an AI revolution. If Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises miss this opportunity, they may face the situation of being eliminated in the domestic market

speaking of manufacturing costs, I have to mention the tragedy of the agricultural machinery industry this year. In order to save the situation of continuous losses, some agricultural machinery enterprises began to fight a price war. You are lower than me, and I am lower than you. But think about it carefully. The price is so low, and the spiral nucleus pulposus replacement device is low. Is the quality guaranteed? Agricultural machinery is different from ordinary daily necessities. Once there is a quality problem, the loss to users is incalculable; On the other hand, it is easy to think of after-sales service. If the price is reduced, will the corresponding after-sales service be greatly discounted

the above problems are closely related to users. We hope that agricultural machinery enterprises will not discount the product quality for the sake of immediate interests. The current industry downturn should not become a stage for enterprises to "abandon themselves". Eliminating all hidden dangers, seizing opportunities and meeting challenges are the right way to get through the crisis

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