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Behind the deep strategic cooperation - what can Jiabaoli furniture paint bring to zhongtailong

behind the in-depth strategic cooperation - what can Jiabaoli furniture paint bring to zhongtailong

November 30, 2018

on November 26, Guangdong zhongtailong group held the 2018 closing battle supplier joint battle conference, and high-quality suppliers from all over the country gathered together to discuss the big plan. Jiabaoli furniture paint was invited to attend the meeting and once again reached a deep strategic partnership

In recent years, the government has promoted public innovation and ushered in the wave of entrepreneurship. More and more small and micro enterprises have emerged, and the group of office workers is growing, increasing the demand of the office furniture market. At the same time, as the "the Belt and Road" and the economic recovery of the United States and Europe focus on the development of new chemical materials, new optoelectronic information materials, special metals and metal matrix composites, special fiber composites, new inorganic non-metallic materials and other five cutting-edge new materials, the demand in the overseas market is also rising...

but the result has a certain error

the future trend of the office furniture market predicted by zhongtailong, It has laid a solid foundation for the performance in 2019 and even in the next few years, and began to build an ecological supply chain. Therefore, the selection of zhongtailong suppliers is particularly important

virtue gathers together, and common aspirations share the same path

therefore, zhongtailong also expressed its requirements for supplier selection and strategic deployment at the meeting, which coincided with the green coating ecological chain development strategy of garberry furniture paint

although the "high quality" requirements put forward by zhongtailong for suppliers have stopped some upstream industry chain suppliers, it has also attracted a large number of trustworthy suppliers to reach a consensus on in-depth cooperation. At the same time, this move also reflects the reason for the long-term prosperity of zhongtailong: it is their rigorous and meticulous workmanship and precise control over the quality of production materials

Chen qiugui, director of zhongtailong group, delivered a keynote speech, which was exciting

think of Qi when you see the good, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results

behind the best-selling office furniture at home and abroad, it comes from the persistence of quality caused by the corrosion of sheet metal caused by China and Thailand. It is worth congratulating that in the four years of highly tacit cooperation between garberry furniture paint and zhongtailong, we have been accompanied by zhongtailong's steps in innovation, from technology to products, from coating to service

the determination of each strategic cooperation relationship is the recognition of Sino Talon for garberry furniture paint, and it is also the spur of the continuous optimization of garberry furniture paint products

Tang Kaizhi, general manager of Guangdong Jiabaoli coating Co., Ltd. (left), and the deputy general manager of zhongtailong group, but the collection of data results is much worse than the microcomputer controlled one. Cutting Liu Gesheng (right) signs a joint operation agreement

walking with excellent people, you can also meet better yourself! In this struggle, garberry furniture paint has already formed a unique green coating and environmental protection scheme in the comprehensive fields of coating, technology, service, furniture industry and so on, which is also the reason why major furniture manufacturers choose to sign strategic agreements with garberry furniture paint

in the future, we will also continue to uphold the spirit of struggle, continue to update and iterate products and technologies, optimize the cooperation mechanism, transfer professional coating technology experience to the furniture industry, grow together, and write a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win results and value realization

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