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Direct attack on Dongguan: behind the "machine replacement" is the collective escape of workers

Dongguan, which has always been known as the world's factory. In an area of only 2500 square kilometers, there are 50000 or 60000 manufacturing and processing enterprises. The advantage of human resources once made the processing trade in full swing on this land. However, since 2014, all kinds of news about Dongguan OEM enterprises have continued, and China's OEM industry is experiencing transformation difficulties. In December, 2015, economic half an hour came to Dongguan to investigate the manufacturing industry here

orders have decreased, labor costs have risen, and Dongguan's OEM industry has experienced a cold spell

on December 6, 2015, Lao Liu sat at the door of his own small shop and started to stay in a daze. In the past, it was the time for a large number of workers to rest and go shopping, but now there are very few people

Lao Liu was in a daze at the door of his own grocery store. In the past, a large number of workers went out to buy, but now there are very few people

shopkeeper Lao Liu: in the past, there were a large number of people after work. There were all kinds of stalls on the roadside, selling vegetables, selling steamed buns, and doing small businesses. You see, now there are basically no people, and there are few people working

speaking of the changes in the past two years, he has been wandering in Dongguan for seven or eight years. He has worked as a worker and opened a taxi. Now he uses his savings to open this small shop

two years ago, Lao Liu paid a transfer fee of 130000 to buy this small shop opened at the gate of the industrial zone, and set up billiard tables and televisions in front of the door to attract customers. The picture is that there are many people and business is easy to do

Lao Liu: mainly in the evening, sit here, watch TV, smoke, chat, play, that's all

however, Lao Liu's business has been booming for less than half a year. Since 2014, with the closure of the factory and the reduction of workers, Lao Liu's grocery store has been difficult to sustain. The rental houses that were once difficult to rent are now quite empty

around Lao Liu's canteen, there are several generation processing industrial parks. Now the information of plant rent posted at the gate of the factory can be seen everywhere. The above is the relevant knowledge about how to improve the accuracy of the electronic universal experimental machine and the protection and maintenance of the experimental machine shared by technicians. On both sides of the road, rows of shops facing the street also have rolling shutter doors

it can be seen everywhere. Factory buildings are posted at the gate of several generation processing industrial parks for rent

Chen Yanping, the first batch of people to set up factories in Dongguan, knows the industry situation of OEM very well

chenyanping, chairman of Dongguan toprice Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.: as for OEM, the threshold is very low. As long as you have a certain amount of working capital and find a certain source of customers, you can start

low threshold, no innovation, no self-developed products, coupled with the rising labor costs year by year, the OEM plants that lack core technology gradually lose the space to survive in the market. In Chen Yanping's view, this is a very normal thing

OEM enterprises have been brilliant, and once accounted for more than 50% of China's foreign trade, becoming the most important contributor to the trade surplus. Chen Yanping is a contract manufacturer in the television manufacturing industry, with more than 400 employees. In 2013, for example, in just two years, the input cost of a worker doubled

chenyanping: We used to talk about a worker. If he was an ordinary worker, he could do it for about 2000 yuan. At least 4500 this year

in the past, a front-line worker could do it for about 2000 yuan, and at least 4500 this year

in addition to the rise in labor costs, the decline in order business caused by the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, and the price war of domestic electronic products on the e-commerce sales platform are all the direct reasons for cracking down on the OEM industry in Dongguan. Take a 32 inch LCD TV as an example, the sales price of e-commerce differs greatly from that of dealers

Chen Yanping: in 2010, it could be sold for nearly 3000 yuan. So far, today you can go to Taobao and Jingdong Mall to check. The cheapest one may be 799 yuan

Chen Yanping, who has worked hard in the TV manufacturing industry for more than ten years, has witnessed the changes in Dongguan over the years, the decline in profits and the rise in costs. Under such pressure, many of his peers who are engaged in OEM like Chen Yanping have switched to other industries

the boss of the contract factory is worried, but the workers of the contract factory are not. Lao Zhang is a worker in a shoe factory. Now the Lao Zhang family lives in the 70 square meter dormitory allocated by the factory. Regardless of income and environment, great changes have taken place over the years

economic half an hour: did you install the air conditioner in the room by yourself

Zhang Ziwei, an employee of Dongguan lijixing shoe factory: the air conditioner is installed by the company

although the whole room looks simple, it is clean and tidy. At present, Lao Zhang and his wife work in a shoe factory, and their children are also brought to them from their hometown. China is no exception. Last year, they saw that their mother was in poor health, so they simply received Dongguan. A family of four lives in a dormitory, and the biggest expenses of eating and living were saved

Zhang Ziwei: in 2010, it was more than 3000. Because my two skills are quite excellent, now I can get more than 5000 a month

it often takes a shoe factory several months to cultivate a skilled worker. In order to retain workers, bathrooms and toilets are standard in every room. Boss laichaoyang specially installed air conditioners and even Wi-Fi to enhance his sincerity in recruiting

in order to retain workers, bathrooms and toilets are standard in each room. The boss also specially installed air conditioners and WiFi to enhance his sincerity in recruiting

Laichaoyang, chairman of Dongguan lijixing shoes factory: in order to retain these employees from all over the world, you must have a good environment. In addition, there must be a suite in all your dormitories, and the supporting sanitary facilities make it very convenient for him, so that you can keep him

the minimum wage standard in Dongguan was also raised from 1310 yuan to 1510 yuan

machine replacement, self created brands, and OEM enterprises seek transformation and upgrading; High quality and low price, usher in business opportunities, and the rapid rise of the robot industry

Chen Yanping: after the bad environment strategy of business, we have been considering product upgrading, including equipment upgrading, all the time. Because if we don't upgrade, we basically can't survive in the market

On December 1, Chen Yanping drove to a robot manufacturing enterprise located in Dalang Town, Dongguan City. Entering the exhibition hall, several fully automatic robot arms are working efficiently according to the specified track. Chen Yanping carefully observed each machine

mechanical equipment Salesperson: it is equivalent to an arm of a human hand. Through this tool, you can do different things

the salesperson of the manufacturer answered a series of questions such as price, function and efficiency to Chen Yanping, and he can measure the plant and customize the robots needed for robot manufacturing according to the actual situation. Hearing this, Chen Yanping's face showed a color of joy that was hard to hide

after hearing the information about the price, function, efficiency and customization of the robot, Chen Yanping's face showed an undisguised joy

chenyanping: I feel I need to upgrade quickly. If we use these equipment as soon as possible, we can improve our competitiveness and reduce our labor costs

Chen Yanping calculated that his workshop needed 300 workers. If this robot was used, the number of workers in the workshop could be reduced to 150, and the fund saved in only one year could reach more than 9 million yuan. In 2016, Chen Yanping plans to invest more than 10 million yuan to upgrade the production line in the factory and improve the automation level. However, he also believes that it is far from enough for enterprises to improve the automation level of production in order to achieve transformation and upgrading

with robots, the number of workers can be reduced by half, and the savings can reach more than 9 million yuan a year

Chen Yanping, who experienced the global financial crisis in 2008, felt the helplessness of an OEM factory. There is no way out to only do traditional OEM. He is not satisfied with processing products according to others' designs, but has the ability to design products for customers. He wants to be an upgraded version of OEM enterprises. To this end, Chen Yanping established his own research and development team. First of all, he starts with the simplest TV shape

after accumulating some experience, he began to design the hardware and optical components inside the TV, which suddenly increased the added value of the product. Thermal insulation material tensile testing machine is mainly used for tensile, contraction, twists and turns of metal, non-metal and other materials.

Chen Yanping: for example, this product is our second generation. We include all the hardware and structural parts inside. After including these products, our space and profits will be further increased, and we can also provide more services to customers

after the TV accessories independently designed by Chen Yanping are selected by customers, the added value can be increased several times. Now, he has long stopped doing traditional processing products and just foolishly worked on behalf of others. At present, design based OEM manufacturing accounts for 70% of the total production of the whole factory, but if it continues to develop like this, Chen Yanping is still at a loss

chenyanping: many brands are already very strong. You said that we should come out to make televisions and make a new brand. In fact, this is a very, very difficult thing

at present, the competition in the TV market at home and abroad has become white hot. Building a brand requires huge capital investment, and Chen Yanping knows that he does not have this condition. Only by taking advantage of the small and good transformation of their own enterprises, can they find market gaps

the TV market has become fiercely competitive. Chen Yanping takes advantage of his small and good transformation to find a market gap

chenyanping: we call it a special-shaped platform. What kind of special-shaped platform? You can see that its length and width are different from what we usually see. Its function is to put it on some specific occasions, such as buses, subway stations, or some specific occasions for some displays and announcements. This is also what we have just developed. At present, the feedback from the market, including some orders we received from abroad, is still good, and the effect is also very good

chenyanping: This is developed by ourselves, so if the customer needs it, he will find us. We won't be replaced by others as before. If others want to replace it, you can replace it. Now if he uses our products, he will also have some dependence on us

special shaped screens are mainly exported to the European and American markets, bringing profits nearly 20 times more than OEM

this kind of special-shaped screen developed by Chen Yanping is mainly exported to the European and American markets. It not only welcomes a large number of orders, but also brings nearly 20 times more profits than OEM. In addition, he will continue to expand the domestic market. However, compared with Chen Yanping, it runs faster and bigger on the road of industrial transformation in Dongguan

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