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There are different opinions on the qualification of indoor air testing, and the market is a little disordered

the qualification of indoor air testing is a little disordered

April 26, 2013

[China paint information] Mr. Wang, a citizen of Yantai, Shandong Province, recently called the geological Supervision Bureau to complain and report that he wanted to find an indoor air testing institution to measure the formaldehyde content of his new house, and asked him which one to choose. In recent days, the author has conducted an investigation on this and found that there are many indoor air detection and management institutions of different sizes in Yantai, which are different in the detection methods of lead screws and lead nuts as performance parts, and ambiguous in the issue of detection qualification

I don't know who to find to measure formaldehyde

the weather is warming, whether to move to a new house or not, citizen Wang Wen and his wife are hesitant these days. Wang Wen's child is more than 3 years old, and the family has been crowded with their parents in a 50 square meter old house. At the end of August last year, the decoration of his new house of more than 120 square meters was completed. Considering that the newly installed house may exceed the formaldehyde standard, he did not dare to move in in winter. "Now I want to move in, but I'm worried that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, which will have a great impact on children." Wang Wen said that he wanted to test whether formaldehyde exceeded the standard, but he did not know which institution was formal and credible. In fact, there are really many citizens who have concerns like Wang Wen. The author reviewed 12365 quality supervision records. From last July to now, a total of 14 citizens asked how to detect indoor air and which department can detect it

the detection methods are different

the author recently consulted many so-called air detection and purification institutions in Yantai, and found that there are different charging standards and detection methods. In an air purification and treatment company, the staff introduced that a 100 square meter house charges 200 yuan for one test. During the detection, a point is selected and monitored by the computer for half an hour, and the results are obtained with the certificate issued by the German passive Housing Research Institute. The author asked whether the company has testing qualification. The staff member said, "our instruments are purchased from companies with national certification." The author also contacted an air testing company in Laizhou. Miss Cui, a staff member, said that they had obtained the national metrological certification, and the testing items included formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, volatile organic compounds and radioactive objects. Except for radioactive objects, the other four items cannot produce results on site, and the report can only be issued after being analyzed in the laboratory. Miss Cui also reminded: "those who do formaldehyde test results on the spot are irregular."

there are different opinions about the testing qualification

what's more puzzling is that many testing institutions have different opinions about whether they have the qualification of indoor air quality testing and measurement. In Yantai, for example, the 125nm thick film is an air detection and management organization in blue Jianshe Road. The author puts forward that there are many air detection organizations in the market now. How can you judge whether you have detection qualification? A manager surnamed Guo of the company pointed to a plaque hanging on the indoor wall and said that they were registered by the Ministry of Commerce for franchising. They have a registration number and can be consulted. Manager Guo said that this industry is not as mature as construction projects, and it will not be divided into primary and secondary qualifications. The filing of the Ministry of commerce is the most powerful explanation. Then, the author asked an air detection and purification company in Ping'an building in the urban area about the same question. After listening, a male staff member just said, "Yantai has a lot of indoor tests, and the test results are almost the same." What is the qualification of measurement and testing, the staff is not clear

most of them have not been measured and certified

to detect the content of harmful gases in indoor air, is it accurate to issue the results on site, or take it back to analyze and issue the report? Everyone should carefully understand it, oh, it is more accurate? How to confirm the qualification of indoor air quality inspection

Li Xiaoqiang, head of the indoor environmental testing and governance Laboratory of Yantai University, said that generally speaking, the testing data of institutions with metrological certification qualifications are relatively accurate. However, some portable testing instruments that directly produce results are also more accurate after calibration. Its advantage is that it is sensitive to the screening of pollutants, and each room and even each furniture can accurately reflect the release amount. The disadvantage is that it is not the method specified in the national standard. However, if units with metrological certification do not operate in accordance with national standards, they may also be inaccurate

for portable measuring devices widely used in the market, how to distinguish whether the detected data is accurate? Li Xiaoqiang said that it would be better to choose institutions with metrological certification. There is no other good way. "At present, the portable measuring device market is not very standardized, and there is no very strict market access." He emphasized

shaozongsong, head of the development section of the product quality supervision and Inspection Institute of Yantai Bureau of quality supervision, said that the qualification of indoor air testing institutions depends mainly on whether they have passed the metrological certification. If they have passed, the report should be printed with the words "CMA". Shaozongsong introduced that obtaining metrological certification requires them to report level by level, and the Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision will recognize or review it. Applying for metrological certification involves personnel training, equipment purchase, etc., and the cost is very high, which is rarely done by general testing institutions in the society

experts remind that generally speaking, the indoor air pollutants of residents are mainly formaldehyde, followed by benzene, volatile organic compounds, microorganisms, dust, smoke, etc. Formaldehyde mainly comes from plates and wallpapers. Formaldehyde is generally found in places where glue is used more. There is more benzene in paint and coating. Experts suggest that to prevent and control indoor pollution, it is best to start from the source of home decoration, strengthen indoor ventilation, and use activated carbon

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