Behind the most popular Tianjiao dilemma

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Behind the Tianjiao dilemma

China is encountering the Tianjiao dilemma

therefore, the oil from the high-pressure oil pump cannot be sent to the experimental work cylinder, so that the pressure will not go up. Since last year, Tianjiao has been listed as an important strategic material by the State Council, which is equal to oil, steel and the media. However, it must be noted that, unlike the latter, alkali resistant glass fiber gridding cloth jc/t841 ⑴ 999, natural rubber is the only agricultural product with a low degree of industrialization (20.06, -0.19, -0.94%, right). And last year, China's Tianjiao's external dependence reached an astonishing 75%, and its self-sufficiency rate, which has been lower than the warning line of 30% for many years, is significantly higher than the latter

because of this, many contradictions are concentrated in the natural rubber industry

due to special geographical and climatic constraints, China currently produces gum only in low latitude provinces such as Yunnan, Hainan and Guangdong, while Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, which account for 70% of the world's output, are allied to control the international export price of natural gum, which determines that China must vigorously develop natural gum cultivation and improve its self-sufficiency rate

then, is the planting level of natural rubber in China sufficient to alleviate national pressure

in Yunnan, the proportion of local private rubber enterprises is relatively high, and the land suitable for planting natural rubber has basically been developed, and the per mu yield of natural rubber in Xishuangbanna has ranked first in the world

however, as Chi Lin, general manager of mengbian Xiangnong technology, said, the management mode of the local natural rubber industry is still relatively extensive, and the original way of burning mountains to increase fertility is still common

along the way from Xishuangbanna to Pu'er, I saw dense corn all over the mountains, without paying any attention to scientific plant spacing. Some people say that it's just natural sprinkling of seeds

what shocked the general rise in the prices of cathode materials, cathode materials, lithium battery copper foil and other materials was that some rubber farmers compressed the standard row spacing and plant spacing, and intensively planted Tianjiao trees in order to achieve high yield; Interplanting cash crops in Tianjiao forest with a tree age of more than 3 years; Increase the frequency of knife cutting in violation of regulations

in addition, how to balance the interests of rubber farmers and enterprises is also worth pondering. After all, the purpose of the forest reform is to divide forests and mountains to households. Rubber farmers and enterprises should calmly think about the distribution of interests in the future

disordered market competition must be straightened out, and trade associations must be established to regulate market prices; "Going out" uses cheap land in Myanmar and Laos to artificially expand the output of natural rubber; Through large groups to integrate private Tianjiao resources in the province, as long as everything follows the market rules

however, we believe that we must also consider how to truly implement the government's preferential support policies during the strategic opportunity period still in progress at the national and all levels, improve the level of enterprise management, build the Tianjiao brand, and develop Yunnan's transportation and education

there are still many things to do to solve the Tianjiao dilemma

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