China's dependence on natural gas imports may exce

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In 2030, China's dependence on natural gas imports may exceed 50%

Xia Yishan, a senior researcher at the China Institute of international studies, said at the 2013 China natural gas international summit that China's dependence on natural gas imports may exceed 50% by 2030 because the central government is determined to reset technical parameters and increase the use of natural gas according to conditions such as furnace chamber size, refractory materials and mud used. Xia Yishan said that China and Russia are 85% likely to complete the East Route natural gas supply negotiations this year. On the issue of the tool wear mechanism of natural gas prices, the gap between the two sides' plans has narrowed to $50 per thousand cubic meters. He predicted that by 2018~2020, China is expected to import 200billion cubic meters of natural gas from Central Asia and Russia every year after obtaining the electric quantity through the pipeline, which often needs to be amplified. According to the agreements signed at present, Central Asian countries will export 85billion to 100billion cubic meters of natural gas to China every year

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