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China's digital publishing industry will usher in a turning point in 2010. For China's digital publishing industry, the past 2009 is an extraordinary year. Although every year's industry review will begin with this expression, this year's extraordinary is obviously very different from previous years: people can see that the visions dreamed, expected and designed in the past took root and blossomed in this year

in February, 2009, Fang Zhonghua, senior vice president in charge of it business of Founder group, predicted in an exclusive interview that China's digital publishing market would usher in an inflection point in 2009, and the market planning would expand unprecedentedly. His prediction did not attract enough attention at that time, but one year later, people found that the word "inflection point" could not be fully expressed in detail for China's digital publishing in 2009. The situation that the industry wanted to blowout and blossomed everywhere made Chinese digital publishers finally see the dawn of hope in the years of hard hope

the huge potential and prospect displayed by the digital publishing industry has attracted the attention of the entire publishing industry. Some data show that in 2009, digital book reading, including reading, reading and hand-held reader reading, became popular in China. The national reading rate of various digital media reached 24.5%, and about 2.8% of adults in China only read various digital media instead of paper books. According to statistics, the overall revenue of the digital publishing industry in 2009 will exceed 75billion yuan, and exceed the output value of the traditional publishing industry for the first time. In addition, it is predicted that in the next few years, the number of digital publishing users will increase by 30% every year, and the revenue will increase by 50% every year. In addition, in 2009, digital publishing realized the diversification of business forms. E-book business has already been carried out in most publishing houses to varying degrees. 75% of newspapers are involved in online newspapers, 55% of newspapers have newspapers. The number of newspapers across the country will exceed 1500, becoming one of people's main reading terminals. It is fashionable to watch TV, go online and read books and newspapers

policy industry with the deepening of building energy conservation

for a long time, China's publishing and media industry has different characteristics from foreign countries, that is, government departments have always been the leading force and main driving force for the development of digital publishing industry. In recent years, China has successively published the outline of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for national economic and social development, the outline of the medium - and long-term scientific and technological development plan, the outline of the national cultural development plan during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, and the revitalization plan for the cultural industry adopted by the State Council in 2009, all of which regard the development of the digital network publishing industry as an important strategy for national cultural construction, the development of the publishing and media industry, and the enhancement of national competitiveness

in addition, the General Administration of publication has also implemented key projects such as the national digital composite publishing system, the digital copyright protection technology platform, the Chinese character library, the national knowledge resource database, organized the implementation of the Chinese nation online game publishing project, and established Shanghai Zhangjiang national digital publishing base in the form of ministerial and municipal cooperation. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan, Hubei and other provinces and cities have also set up key projects (funds) for network culture construction to support digital publishing. Hubei, Guangdong and other provinces have set up special projects to study the development planning of digital network publishing in their own provinces

with the promotion of government policies, various large publishing and media enterprises have also put forward and implemented various development plans and strategic inputs. At present, China Publishing Group, higher education press and Shanghai Century Publishing can also specify in the product standards that the group, Guangdong publishing group, Jiangsu Phoenix publishing media group, Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group, Hubei Changjiang publishing media group, Jiefang newspaper group, Wenhui Xinmin newspaper group, Guangzhou newspaper group, Southern Newspaper Media Group Zhiyin journal group and other units have established digital publishing or digital media business units (companies) and formulated corresponding digital publishing development plans

the collectivization, corporatization and marketization of China's publishing industry have provided new impetus for the development of digital publishing, improved operational capacity and efficiency, and guaranteed the funds needed by the industry. The publishing group has realized the centralized and intensive management of resources, which provides favorable conditions for the development of digital publishing. In 2009, some publishing enterprises were listed. On the one hand, they raised a large amount of funds to provide sufficient guarantee for the large-scale operation of the digital publishing business, and constantly explore new possibilities of polyurethane film-forming technology to reduce the risk caused by the breakage of the capital chain; On the other hand, listed publishing enterprises have become public enterprises, catalyzing the development of new businesses such as digital publishing

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