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On September 10, CSR Zhuji Corporation of China announced that it had won the bid for the order of nearly $400million worth of ordinary electric locomotives from Transnet Corporation of South Africa, the first time that China's electric locomotives had landed in Africa, It is also the largest overseas order of electric locomotives obtained by Chinese enterprises

in the first half of the year, in the face of the global economic slowdown and the increasing pressure on enterprises' survival, leading enterprises such as CSR Zhuzhou locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd. made a strong attack on overseas markets. CSR has successively won the orders for Metro in cities such as Malaysia Ampang line, Ankara, Singapore, and Kazakhstan. Up to now, CSR has won nearly $1.7 billion in overseas market orders, Double the growth rate and set a new record

according to statistics, CSR achieved overseas sales revenue of more than 6billion yuan in 2011, a substantial increase of 162% year-on-year. On the basis of substantial growth in 2011, CSR's overseas sales revenue increased again in the first half of this year, reaching nearly 5billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 100%. At the same time that the overseas sales increased significantly year-on-year, CSR also achieved a wide range of market areas. At present, the company's products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world; The product structure has been improved. At present, the high-end products represented by EMUs, urban rail transit and AC drive locomotives account for more than 80% of the company's overseas trade volume. The key products are exported to developed countries and regions such as Europe, Singapore and Australia

it is understood that South Africa has the most developed railway system in Africa, with more than 20000 kilometers of vast railways with a gauge of 1067mm and more than 10000 kilometers of electrified lines. Its electrified railway is mainly composed of three different voltage lines: 3KV DC, 25kV AC and 50kV AC. it has extremely complex technical requirements for the cross line operation of electric locomotives to select materials for door panels or column trim panels

Transnet, the largest state-owned company in South Africa, is mainly responsible for the construction, management and freight transportation of railway infrastructure in South Africa. It has more than 2100 electric locomotives and more than 1400 diesel locomotives. However, most locomotives are seriously aging, 55% of which are powered by electricity, so it is 10 points to clean after each application. The average service life of the necessary electric locomotives has exceeded 35 years, and the market demand for product upgrading is huge

CSR Zhuzhou locomotive Corporation of China began to attach great importance to the African market as early as 10 years ago, paid close attention to the investment plan for the rehabilitation and expansion of South African Railways, and began to tackle technical problems such as narrow gauge Bogies and 3KV DC/25kv AC hybrid power supply. In order to win the bid, CSR Zhuji Corporation of China established an elite project team as early as the bidding preparation stage. After careful planning and nearly a year of hard work, it finally defeated 8 well-known domestic and foreign competitors with incomparable localization rate, delivery time, cost performance and other comprehensive advantages, and achieved the success of the project

according to relevant experts from CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., the locomotive of the project is a four axle AC drive freight locomotive. On the other hand, it is an electric locomotive, with a power of 3100 kW and a maximum speed of 100 km per hour; Meter gauge bogie with track gauge of 1067mm and 3KV DC/25kv AC 50Hz dual current system will be used for power supply

according to the arrangement, CSR Zhuzhou locomotive Corporation of China will export electric locomotive manufacturing technology to South Africa. The localization rate of the winning electric locomotive project in South Africa will exceed 60%, and the first electric locomotive is expected to be delivered at the end of 2013

xuzongxiang, executive director and general manager of CSR Zhuji Corporation of China, said that CSR Zhuji Corporation of China would take the opportunity of electric locomotives to seize the South African market, carry out extensive cooperation with local enterprises in the electric locomotives, multiple units and related accessories market, and take the South African manufacturing base as the radiation to promote the rapid upgrading of equipment and industry in the field of rail transit equipment in local and even Southern Africa

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