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Hu Tianyue, chairman of Hong Kong United beauty decoration Holding Co., Ltd., was interviewed by the reporter of wooden door world. He believed that the winning method of enterprise development was to be steady and keep improving

interviewee: Hu Tianyue, chairman of Hong Kong United beauty decoration Holdings Co., Ltd.

wooden door world: Hello, President Hu. Muxter has developed from a small enterprise to four subordinate companies and has three major brands. Many people must want to know about the development of mustard. Can you give us a brief introduction

President Hu: mustard was founded in 1993. Since I was born in Dongyang, Zhejiang, the hometown of wood carving, mustard has focused on wood carving since its inception. 1997-2003 was the peak period of muster's development. At that time, our factory had more than 2000 wood carving masters, and the factory also moved to Dongguan from the original Shenzhen due to its expansion. In 2004, we established an industrial base in Huizhou. The above is a general development process of muster

"wooden door world": according to our market visits, all consumers who buy Musite products are full of praise for Musite. For such response, can you talk to us about the series of Musite products and the unique highlights of Musite compared with other products

President Hu: as I said just now, I was born in wood carving, so my opponent's understanding of the process is very thorough, and the requirements for process details and internal aspects are very high, so the products we make have the scarcity that cannot be copied by other enterprises, which is the biggest advantage of our products, and this is also the reason why all consumers who have purchased our wood products are full of praise. It can be said that our products will be much better than a pure enterprise in this industry as an investor in terms of fineness and technology

every product we launch on the market can not only win consumers' recognition of muster, but also satisfy them according to the feedback of dealers. Because these unique and high-quality products have brought them a lot of convenience in the process of sales and after-sales, and they have a lot of repeat customers, so they don't have to worry about performance

in recent years, mustard has not made a big show in public view, and has been quietly cultivating internal skills. This is because Mustard's development strategy is to take every step steadily. Give our dealers and consumers a satisfactory answer

wooden door world: it is understood that recently, mustard participated in the annual event of the all China Federation of industry and commerce. Then can you talk about what mustard gained at this grand meeting

President Hu: I am honored to participate in the annual grand meeting of the all China Federation of industry and commerce. In this industry event, I think there are two major gains. First, be able to communicate and learn with many peers. Now it is the Internet age, and mutual communication has become the norm. If the enterprise chooses to build a business behind closed doors, it is only a matter of time before the end of decline. At this grand meeting, friends from the industry shared their views on the industry and a vision for the future. I think this is a good experience for us, mustard; Second, we have won the top ten Brand Awards of logs at this grand event. The award is not only recognized by the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and the industry, but also worthy of our name

wood door world: with the advancement of technology and brand, whole wood home decoration manufacturers are in the stage of rapid growth and development. It is an inevitable trend from providing a single product to developing into a whole wood customized home. How do you feel about this

President Hu: whole wood home decoration is indeed a general trend in our industry. Personally, I think in the next three years, all the wood doors, stairs, wardrobe and other industries will be involved in the whole wood home decoration. This is inevitable and a rare opportunity. In such a general trend, enterprises need to invest a lot of money and manpower. However, not every enterprise can survive such a big wave. It also needs time to test. I guess the test time should be within 3-5 years. After 3-5 years, whoever can persist will be the winner

wooden door world: 2016 is coming, what will mustard do to prepare for the new year

President Hu: we have made extraordinary achievements in 2015, which is the recognition of our steady performance in the past year. In the new year, we also expect to continue to achieve good results. Based on this, we start with two main points. First, in terms of design, we all know that the homogenization of the whole industry is very serious. As a woodcarver, I extremely reject this phenomenon. I hope that our muster products are not only excellent in quality, but also unique in design. In this way, we can attract the current younger consumer groups. Therefore, we should strengthen our design team and strictly control our design scheme; Second, improve the system of the factory. We need to transform all log parts into standard parts of our mustard and produce them in a standardized way. At present, we have carried out and completed 90% of the work. We will complete this work as soon as possible to meet our fierce market competition environment in 2016

wooden door world: for the new year, do you have any message to the audience in front of the video

President Hu: I sincerely wish all colleagues in the whole wood industry more and more prosperous and prosperous business




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