Anshan decoration market orders fell by half, and

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Anshan decoration market orders fell by half, and the value of decoration workers remained strong

in previous years, the decoration business began to heat up since August, but this year, the decoration industry has lost its "charm of the year". It is understood that at present, the orders received by some decoration companies have been reduced by half compared with the same period last year, and many decoration companies have had to start transformation to attract customers by merging branches, discounting and giving back, etc. Decoration orders fell by half

recently, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Anshan, planned to decorate his new house. His friend recommended a decoration company. Mr. Zhang went to one of the branches to consult first, but when he arrived at the place, he found that the door was no longer a decoration company. After calling to inquire, I learned that the branch of the decoration company had moved back to the head office to use an office. "The decoration company had threeorfour branches a few years ago. The boss said that this year's efficiency was not good, so they merged into one store." Mr. Zhang said

at present, the national real estate market is in a period of adjustment, and the trading volume of new houses and second-hand houses is low, which affects the downstream decoration market and follows the "winter". In fact, at present, the order volume of many decoration companies is declining. Some decoration companies said that the number of orders received at present has decreased by half compared with the same period last year. In order to attract customers, decoration companies have to try their best to promote sales and save money. For example, some decoration companies merge multiple branches into one; Some decoration companies offer a discount of 7.5% - 20% of the total decoration price; There are even decoration companies that offer LCD TVs when customers spend a certain amount of decoration

the value of decorators is still strong

although many decoration companies are willing to yield profits, the value of some decorators does not seem to have declined. The survey found that the current value of bricklayers is still at the top of the list, with a daily salary of about 500 yuan; The carpenter's daily wage is also between 220 yuan and 260 yuan. Some decoration companies said that in the decoration market of our city, because the work of bricklayers is hard and tiring, and the technical requirements are high, the demand itself is in short supply. Therefore, even if the decoration market is depressed, good bricklayers do not worry about not having work to do. Although the number of carpenters is relatively large, even if they reduce their status, they may not have business to take over, so the price has not changed much. "Decorators such as bricklayers and carpenters mainly rely on word-of-mouth. Good decorators are not only introduced to business, but also willing to be hired by decoration companies. On the contrary, even if the value of a low-level decorator makes a profit, everyone is not willing to work with him." The project supervisor of a decoration company said

in previous years, the decoration industry began to enter the peak season in August, but at present, the order volume of some decoration companies has not increased significantly. In this regard, Li Zhenyu, President of Anshan interior decoration Association, said that at present, the situation of the decoration industry is likely to become the norm in the next two years, and the market competition is becoming more and more rational and standardized. Although the cake of the decoration market is small at present, businesses can digest it internally, improve the decoration grade, make small profits and sell fast to expand market share





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