3 star decoration style competition

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Still worried about home decoration style? Let's go into the 3-star home and feel the inspiration brought by the home concept of different constellations to our decoration design, so that we can gain and understand from it. Compare the constellation to find your own one, and make a big splash for your home... This spring, decoration is not troublesome

I. Aries home: simple, lively and lively

the living room is large, with simple decoration, clear theme, and soft lighting in the bedroom, highlighting Aries' handsome in a lively style. It is better to move the home so as to create a new sense of space or openness at any time

II. Taurus home: fresh, natural and generous

personal unique beauty and design, the most important thing is to have it. Taurus will pay attention to the decoration and appearance of the house, so as to be full of beauty. The layout should be in a fresh and natural style, simple and practical, comfortable and generous, which is conducive to Taurus' physical and mental health

III. Gemini home: fashionable and novel

fashionable and sensitive. He doesn't like unchanging things. The decorations he chooses usually reflect his dual personality. For example, the wardrobe and dressing table should be combined, removable and reorganized to create new interests. Fresh and beautiful decorations make fashion better integrated into it




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