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On November 8, the large-scale event of "zero aldehyde because of love" of Yishang home in Qian'an station was successfully launched

on November 8, the large-scale event of "zero aldehyde because of love" of Yishang home in Qian'an station was successfully launched. After the unremitting efforts of Yishang team for more than half a month, the on-site signing rate was as high as 83% on the day of the event. This event created a good brand image and brand influence for Yishang home in Qian'an market. We will implement the concept of healthy and environmental protection of Yishang home into the hearts of consumers, so that more consumers can enjoy value-added, healthy and environmental friendly home products

with the perfect preparation and deployment of all previous work, the scene was full on the day of the event. All teams actively interact with every customer, solve all kinds of customers' questions, and meet the needs of different customers. While fully embodying the purpose of this activity and enhancing the cost performance, they have also been fully recognized by the customers present with high-quality service

at the event site, Wanhua lecturer gave a professional explanation to 0 formaldehyde Hexiang board, and demonstrated it through the way of boiling Hexiang board on site, so that customers could participate in it. They also experienced the fresh and natural flavor of Hexiang board one by one, and made on-site customers deeply understand the environmental protection substrate and board characteristics of 0 formaldehyde Hexiang board. Consumers listened carefully and observed the boiling experiment carefully. Actively participate in the interaction, compete to answer questions, and clearly understand the superior performance of Hexiang board and the environmental protection concept of 0 formaldehyde. The concepts of Hexiang board and healthy home have been deeply rooted in the hearts of every consumer

Yishang household products are affordable and attractive, and the products are of high quality! With the warm atmosphere and high popularity on the scene, the activity reached a climax. After announcing the signing price, a long line was lined up at the cashier, and each customer customized their own household products with joy

there are many surprises at the event site, and the awards appear repeatedly. The maximum free order is 50%, and the cash bonus of 1000 yuan is received by customers. Mr. Cai of Qian'an store participated in this signing activity and personally presented awards to lucky winning customers in the golden egg smashing activity

while customers reaped joy, the "0 aldehyde because of love" activity also achieved great success. With the continuous growth of Yishang household brand! The company pays more and more attention to market operation! This activity has created a good start for the operation of Yishang terminal market and provided a successfully replicable sales and operation mode for franchise stores! Strengthen the confidence of dealers all over the country to work together with Yishang home




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